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Domestic high-power semiconductor laser remanufacturing project starts

Release time: 2014.04.15 News source: Views:

Laser remanufacturing technology is a new concept of advanced repair technology. It integrates advanced high-energy beam technology, advanced numerical control and computer technology, CAD / CAM technology, advanced material technology, and photoelectric detection and control technology into one. It can not only restore damaged parts. Original or near-sized dimensions, and the performance reaches or exceeds the original substrate level. A high-performance laser is used to coat a layer of high-performance material on the low-cost base material to prepare a coating with excellent abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance, and high friction reduction, instead of expensive bulk materials. This project plans to develop a highly integrated, low power, multi-functional laser remanufacturing system, to form a laser processing equipment designed to meet the needs of industrial users, and to meet the production of special products; and to meet the actual needs of industrial customers, research and develop Laser remanufacturing processing technology required by users in the industry; at the same time, customized design, manufacturing and processing services are provided for specific users. The Inner Mongolia Baotou Equipment Manufacturing Industrial Park is a new type of characteristic industrial park constructed in accordance with the development of the six major and characteristic industrial clusters of Inner Mongolia by the Party Committee and the government of Baotou. Large national equipment manufacturing enterprises such as the Heavy Industry Group have strong equipment manufacturing and processing capabilities, and have formed off-highway mining vehicles, heavy vehicles, special vehicles, railway vehicles, coal mining machinery, construction machinery, metallurgical complete sets of equipment, and track and wheeled equipment. Manufacturing network for large-scale equipment such as military products. It has more than 50,000 people in the equipment manufacturing industry and has abundant power and raw material resources. It has initially formed an equipment manufacturing industry cluster. In 2012, the equipment manufacturing industry in Qingshan District realized sales income of 850 yuan.

It is reported that the projects started this time are all over 100 million yuan, including 3 projects with investment of over 1 billion yuan, including LED sapphire substrates with an investment of 1.2 billion yuan, and 5 projects with 5 billion to 1 billion yuan. These projects involve the key components of heavy vehicles, new energy and new materials, petroleum machinery, construction machinery, energy conservation and environmental protection, and mechanical and electrical equipment. It is of great significance to adjust the industrial structure of Baotou and build a modern equipment manufacturing base.

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