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Meizu MX2 especially uses laser engraving machine technology

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Among domestic smartphone brands, Meizu has carried too many people's expectations for smartphones with independent intellectual property rights. From MP3 to mobile phone, Meizu has created many miracles along the way. Its first product, the M8, has received much attention from the 杏鑫平台 release in 2007 to 2009. Although there have been many doubts about Meizu in two years, when it was officially After listing, it still attracted many consumers to snap up. The reason why Meizu mobile phones are recognized, in addition to price factors, is mainly due to its high-quality technology and excellent system UI design.

The back cover of the two-material injection molding process has been a big selling point of the Meizu MX generation. It is white and translucent, and the luster like jade is very beautiful. The MX2 continues this classic design. The smooth back cover is very comfortable to hold in your hand, but the ability to suppress fingerprints is not very strong. Many friends may have encountered a phenomenon that the LOGO on the back of their mobile phone was worn after using it for a long time. The Meizu MX2 specially uses laser engraving technology to engrav the LOGO on the second layer of back cover. Scratches like this, and exquisite laser process design are unique in China. The MX3 phone seems to continue to use the back cover of the two-material injection molding process. The "MEIZU MX" logo on the back should also use laser engraving technology.

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