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Domestic introduction of fiber laser cutting machine to expand overseas markets with high-end aluminum products

Release time: 2014.05.30 News source: Views:

Dongguan fiber laser cutting machine and metal laser cutting machine manufacturers learned that high-end aluminum products still rely on imports. Although after years of development, China has become the world's number one aluminum processing country, but China's aluminum processing industry has relatively weak technological innovation capabilities and international operations. The global ability to allocate resources is insufficient, the core technology and equipment, high-quality, high-end products are highly dependent on the outside world, and the overall competitiveness of the industry is not strong. At present, high-end aluminum plates such as aerospace-grade aluminum plates, aluminum plates for automotive bodies, and high-voltage anode electronic foils. Foil products are mostly imported. Intensive cultivation and deep processing of high-end aluminum industry have gained more overseas space

Deep processing of aluminum profiles through a series of processes such as cutting, welding, grinding, surface treatment, etc., further processing industrial aluminum profiles into high value-added products, widely used in transportation (including railway passenger cars and container trucks, urban rapid transit systems, automobiles , Heavy trucks, ships, aviation, etc.) and mechanical equipment and electrical engineering. The introduction of the first batch of 25 inverter pulsed arc welding machines has greatly enhanced the welding ability of semi-finished products. In 2012, the newly introduced welding “robot” production line showed outstanding results in the deep processing of large specifications and heavy weight pallets. 2013 Introduced a new type of laser cutting machine to meet the high-precision cutting processing requirements for aluminum plates and other materials; and invested heavily in the introduction of Europe's most advanced double-gantry five-axis machining center machine, which can perfectly process the high-speed rail "bullet" streamlined head The required profile is also the most difficult part and the most complicated part of the whole car body processing. Zhongwang Group's aluminum alloy car body manufacturing plant introduced a new G6020F new type fiber laser cutting machine last year to further enhance the deep processing capacity of aluminum alloy car bodies. This fiber laser cutting machine is one of Han's series of large-scale fiber laser cutting machines . It has many advanced properties and can meet the needs of high-precision cutting of aluminum plates and other materials, and promote the production of aluminum alloy car body products. This equipment adopts German high-power IPG fiber laser, equipped with precision linear guides and high-precision gears and racks imported from Germany. It is a high-tech product integrating laser cutting, precision machinery and numerical control technology. It is mainly applicable to aluminum plates, Cutting and forming of medium and thin plate materials such as stainless steel plates and carbon steel plates. The equipment adopts a gantry structure with high rigidity and stability; it uses precision linear guides and helical gears and helical racks imported from Germany as transmission elements with high accuracy and fast speed; and it is equipped with special CAD / CAM automatic programming And automatic nesting software, which is convenient for production and programming, and saves raw materials to the greatest extent. The software of this equipment can directly communicate with the CNC system through the RS-232 interface to realize remote communication and monitoring of the laser cutting process.

The continuous introduction of the most advanced equipment has enabled China Zhongwang Group to significantly improve welding efficiency and processing quality. With the deep-processing center officially put into production in 2013, Zhongwang has developed a number of new products that are in line with the trend of lightweight transportation. , Such as aluminum fire trucks, garbage trucks, high-cold high-speed rail cars, semi-trailers, etc.

"Deep-processed products have high technological content, and the sales price and gross profit are higher than general industrial aluminum profile products. Not only can it bring new profit growth points to the group, but also further enhance technology and competitiveness. We are expanding deep-processing products outside the United States. Overseas markets, such as Australia, Germany, Japan, and Malaysia, make the distribution of overseas markets more balanced, "said Lu Changqing. Zhongwang will continue to develop deep processing technologies and products, and strive to continue to have an overseas revenue ratio of 12% in 2014. Has been improved.

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