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Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory maintains the world's second level in the field of high-power fiber laser research

Release time: 2014.05.30 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
After more than three years of construction in Jiangsu Province, the key laboratory of nano-devices covers an area of 3,200 square meters. Through the cultivation and introduction of talents, an outstanding innovation led by 1 chief scientist of the 973 Program and 5 experts from the National Thousand Talents Program has been formed. The team, of which doctoral degree accounted for more than 70%. During the construction period, the key laboratory undertook more than 230 national and scientific research projects of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Jiangsu Province; it broke through the key technologies of concentrating high-efficiency multi-junction cells and green laser devices, formed an independent core technology, and reached the leading domestic level; It solved the key engineering technology of 450nm blue laser and realized industrialization; it broke through the core scientific and technical problems of high-sensitivity terahertz field effect mixer detector based on room temperature semiconductor and its application in high-sensitivity receiver, forming 0.3- 1.0THz high sensitivity terahertz detector chip and module. The research results have published more than 160 SCI papers, applied for more than 180 invention patents, authorized 60; and won 3 provincial and ministerial awards.
The first is to break through a number of key technologies in the industry. The Provincial Key Laboratory of Ecological Dyeing and Finishing Technology pioneered "a kind of salt-free dyeing technology for cold-rolled yarn of yarn" in China and won the "China Patent Excellence Award". The Provincial Key Laboratory of Diagnosis and Treatment of Major Neuropsychiatric Diseases took the lead in using high-resolution laser confocal single-cell imaging technology to observe the subcellular transport process of nanovesicles, and achieved outstanding antitumor effects, providing a new treatment for glioma and other treatments Means, the relevant results have been indexed by JACS (IF = 10.677). (Sheng Hong) Research Institute of Textile New Materials "A method for preparing PTT polyester with sustained release crystals" was granted a patent in the United States. Under the guidance of Academician Wang Guanghou of Nanjing University and his team, Suzhou Sidike Advanced Materials Technology Co., Ltd.'s academic workstation has made a substantial breakthrough in high-end protective film and heat dissipation film technology. It successfully passed the Samsung supplier inspection and obtained Samsung supplier qualification. .
The second is to gather and train a number of high-level talents. (Changzhou) The New Energy Automotive Industry Technology Research Institute was set up by the Organization Department of Zhonglou District. It introduced 12 national “Thousand Talents Plan” talents and provided 3 million yuan for research start-up funding, providing a good entrepreneurial environment for high-level talents. (Zhangjiagang) The Intelligent Power Research Institute has introduced 2 provincial “innovation teams”, 2 national “Thousand Talents Plan” talents, and 4 provincial “dual innovation” talents, bringing the R & D team size to 160, the world ’s first multi-end flexible DC It played an indispensable role in the construction of transmission demonstration projects. Provincial Key Laboratory of Advanced Laser Materials and Devices The flexible introduction of the inventor of modern optical functional ceramics, Professor Ikeo Akio (Japan), the introduction of "Thousand Talents Plan" talents, 1 provincial "Innovation Team", and provincial "Double Innovation" talents 1 person, such a large amount of talent makes this key laboratory in high-power fiber lasers. The research field of fiber laser cutting machine has maintained the second level in the world.
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