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Selection of laser cutting machine, especially fiber laser cutting machine, you must have a look at his software system

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The choice of laser cutting machine , especially the fiber laser cutting machine, you must have a look at his software system, as well as hardware facilities. The general hardware facilities include his fiber laser, cutting head and so on. The editor below summarizes some choices The tips and methods are for reference only.
1. Software system. It is also commonly referred to as a numerical control system. Generally, the fiber laser cutting machines produced by manufacturers use imported numerical control systems, but there are also some manufacturers who are developing CUT software themselves, but relatively few. At present, Germany's PA8000 CNC system is the most widely used by domestic manufacturers.
2. Fiber laser: It is the core component of fiber laser cutting machine , and it is also the "power source" for fiber laser cutting machine to achieve cutting operation. Therefore, customers must pay attention to the selection of fiber lasers when purchasing fiber laser cutting machines . Currently, the well-known fiber laser brands include SPI, IPG, and rofin. 3. Cutting head: The cutting head of the laser cutting machine is a laser output device, which is composed of a nozzle, a focusing lens and a focusing tracking system. The cutting head of the laser cutting machine will walk according to the set cutting trajectory, but in the case of different materials, different thicknesses, and different cutting methods, the height of the laser cutting head needs to be adjusted and controlled. However, the cutting of the MF series optical fiber produced by Wuhan Meman Technology Co., Ltd. uses a cutting head with a frog jump function, which can be adjusted to its height, which is very convenient. 4. Servo motor: Servo motor refers to the engine that controls the operation of mechanical components in the servo system. It is an auxiliary motor indirect speed change device. The servo motor can control the speed and position accuracy. It can convert the voltage signal into torque and speed to drive the control object. High-quality servo motor can effectively guarantee the cutting accuracy, positioning speed and repeat positioning accuracy of laser cutting machine . 5. Chiller: The chiller is the cooling device of the laser cutting machine , which can quickly and efficiently cool the laser, spindle and other devices. Today's chiller contains advanced functions such as input and output control equipment switches, cooling water flow, high and low temperature alarms, and more stable performance. 6. Air supply system: The air supply system of the fiber laser cutting machine mainly includes air source, filter device and pipeline. There are two types of gas sources: bottled gas and compressed air. Users can choose according to their needs.
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