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Improve absolute accuracy of robot laser cutting machine

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To improve the absolute accuracy of the robot laser cutting machine , you can start from two aspects. The first method is to avoid errors, that is, to use the high-precision processing methods to process the various parts of the robot for various error sources that generate robot errors, combined with high-precision assembly. Technology for assembly. The second is the use of comprehensive compensation technology, that is, the use of modern measurement methods to analyze the measured data, supplemented by an appropriate compensation algorithm, to compensate the errors of the robot laser cutting machine to achieve the purpose of reducing errors.

Due to the high precision requirements of robotic fiber laser cutting machines , multiple methods need to be used for comprehensive error compensation. The first method is to avoid errors. In the structural design of the robot, a reasonable structure is adopted to make the deformation of the robot as small as possible. In the process of manufacturing, key components use high-precision processing technology and assembly technology. However, this method has no effect on the errors caused by mechanical wear, reduced component performance, and the dynamic characteristics of the components after the robot is running. Secondly, through comprehensive compensation technology to further improve the accuracy of the robot. Based on actual measurement

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