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For the laser cutting machine industry, the increasingly fierce market competition has also made independent innovation capabilities a hot topic

Release time: 2014.06.03 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Analysis of laser cutting machine manufacturers : With the gradual expansion of the manufacturing industry and obtaining the largest form of change, laser cutting machines will also obtain fully developed forms, such as functional improvements, novel styles, and quality improvements. The expansion will affect the development of various industries. Among them, it is widely used in various industries because of its high efficiency and high precision, which can meet the increasingly advanced processing requirements of various industries. Although China's laser cutting machine industry has achieved great development and progress, and even some of its products rank among the top in the world, it should also be noted that China's laser cutting machine industry is still not strong enough. It is still relatively low, the high-level production capacity is still insufficient, the low-level production capacity is excessive, the technological innovation capacity is still weak, and the product technical content and product added value are low. The growth rate of products with high added value will continue to increase production, and profits will increase significantly. In the future, competition in the industry will inevitably shift to the high-end market. Therefore, more and more companies have begun to realize that while China's laser cutting machine industry adheres to the low-end field, it should also expand in the development and manufacturing of high-end products.
Innovative enterprises are the decisive force for building an innovative country. With the successive formulation of policies and measures to encourage independent innovation by enterprises, independent innovation has received unprecedented attention. For the laser cutting machine industry, the increasingly fierce market competition has also made independent innovation capabilities a hot topic. Adhering to scientific development, protecting intellectual property rights, mastering core technologies, and improving innovation capabilities are increasingly valued by laser cutting machine companies. Facing the strategic opportunity of the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", how should laser cutting machine enterprises carry out independent innovation?

Independent innovation capability is the core competitiveness of a country and the key to the survival and development of an enterprise. Practice has proved that independent innovation is a strategic choice in China's economic transition. Only by effectively improving the ability of independent innovation, enhancing the ability of enterprises to independently develop science and technology, mastering independent intellectual property rights, breaking through the technological monopoly and blockade of developed countries and multinational companies, and striving for more favorable trade status and competitive advantages, can China's international competitiveness and Anti-risk capabilities provide important support. In recent years, China's laser cutting machine industry has continuously developed, achieved remarkable results, and great changes have taken place, but behind the development we can still see that there are various crises in the industry. Nowadays, people's living standards are increasing day by day, and higher requirements are imposed on the quality of various products. As a result, laser cutting machines have also received more and more attention. While pushing the processing and manufacturing industry to an unprecedented state of development, it has also brought greater opportunities and challenges to laser cutting machines .

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