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Wuhan company successfully developed China's first 10,000 watt fiber laser in just a few years

Release time: 2014.06.06 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

According to Heli laser cutting machine manufacturers, : Yan Dapeng was one of the scientists selected into the National “Thousand Talents Plan” earlier. After returning from a key laboratory in the United States in early 2007, he was in Wuhan Donghu High-tech District established Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Co., Ltd. In just a few years, the company successfully developed China's first 10,000-watt fiber laser, breaking the technology blockade and price monopoly of China by a few foreign manufacturers, forcing the price of similar imported products to drop by 50% and occupying 30% of the domestic market. Europe, Asia and other countries and regions have become the third company in the world specializing in R & D and mass sales of industrial fiber lasers. Nowadays, with the Ricoh laser as the core, the fiber laser R & D industry chain in which Wuhan University of Posts, Huagong Science and Technology and many high-tech companies participate is being formed.

Adhering to the concept of priority of talents, Hubei Province is linked up and down. Talent recruitment projects such as Wuhan's Optics Valley 3551 Talent Plan, Xiangyang City's Longzhong Talent Plan, Yichang City's Three Gorges Talent Project, Shiyan City's Wudang Talent Plan, etc. Aroused a strong response inside and outside. Universities such as Wuhan University and Hubei University have also implemented outstanding youth academic backbone introduction programs, Chutian Scholars Distinguished Professors Program, and Sunshine Scholars Program, etc., which have introduced a talent, brought a subject to life, and promoted the development of a university. Up to now, the province has been selected by 223 people in the "Thousand Talents Plan", and the province has introduced 255 overseas talents through 4 batches of "hundred people plan".

For overseas high-level talents, not only must they be "introduced", but more importantly, "retained" and "capable officers". Hubei has set up “innovative positions” in key enterprises and major projects, and funded some overseas high-level talents as “specially-appointed experts in innovative positions” to lead the construction of major projects. Relying on the province's national science and technology projects, high-tech enterprises, post-doctoral workstations, and foreign student entrepreneurship parks, we strive to create incubation carriers for undertaking overseas high-level talents for innovation and entrepreneurship. We have successively established 24 corporate post-doctoral research workstations and industrial bases. There are 17 bases for innovation and entrepreneurship of high-level overseas high-level talents. Through preferential support policies and good entrepreneurship services, they have established a platform for overseas high-level talents to bring projects back home and start business.

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