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China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation to Establish Laser Industry Technology Research Institute in Wuhan

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As a large state-owned high-tech central enterprise, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation will establish the Laser Industry Technology Research Institute, which aims to carry out the research and development and production of epitaxial wafers, quantum dot lasers, and laser pump source chips. "The purpose of establishing the research institute is to accelerate the layout of the laser and civil aerospace sectors." The relevant person in charge of aerospace science and industry said.

Recently, Hubei Governor Wang Guosheng met with Gao Hongwei, chairman of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation, and deputy general managers Xiang Ming and Liu Shiquan in Wuhan. Deputy Governor Xu Kezhen and Wuhan Mayor Tang Liangzhi attended the meeting. Wang Guosheng welcomed Gao Hongwei and his party on behalf of the Provincial Party Committee, the Provincial Government, and the Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Li Hongzhong. He said that AVIC is the backbone of China's national defense science and technology industry. The group and its subsidiaries in Hubei have made positive contributions to promoting the economic and social development of Hubei. Hubei has a good industrial foundation, scientific and educational strength, and is currently accelerating the construction of important strategic fulcrum to promote the rise of the central region, seizing the major opportunity for the Yangtze River economic belt to become a national strategy, and accelerating the construction of the Yangtze River Golden Waterway. It also provides great opportunities and broad space for the development of its subsidiaries in Hubei.

Wang Guosheng also introduced the current economic development situation and key industry development plans of Hubei. He hoped that AVIC Group would further strengthen the docking with Hubei's industrial planning, accelerate the implementation of projects, and create new growth points. Governments and departments at all levels must do their best to provide services, help coordinate and resolve related issues, and create a good environment for deepening cooperation between central enterprises and promoting the development of military-civilian integration. Gao Hongwei said that he thanked the Hubei Provincial Party Committee and the Provincial Government for their strong support for the development of AVIC and its affiliated enterprises in Hubei. The Group will seize a new round of development opportunities in Hubei, build a comprehensive aerospace industry development base, and accelerate the development of the laser industry. On the other hand, we will further deepen our strategic cooperation with Hubei.

It is reported that in the next 5 years, through technological route and operation mode innovation, the space science and technology industry will make efforts to develop and produce a new generation of space launch and space application equipment, and build Wuhan into the third civilian space industry after Beijing and Shanghai. center.

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