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Laser changes the world-the first international laser industry summit

Release time: 2014.06.09 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd
Dongguan laser cutting machine manufacturer reports: The first International Laser Industry Summit will be held in Wuhan. During the forum, the "China Laser Industry Alliance", the first industry association serving the laser industry in China, will be established; at the same time, a laser industry fund with a scale of 5 billion yuan will be established to focus on supporting small and medium-sized enterprises with independent intellectual property rights And projects. Laser is one of the four major inventions of mankind in the 20th century. In the fields of industrial communication, medical beauty, cultural creativity, etc., laser is increasingly changing people's lives. 2013 is the "rich year" of the laser industry. The rapid growth of the global laser industry indicates that more and more fields of application are helping the development of the laser industry.
"Laser Changes the World-The First International Laser Industry Summit Forum" is sponsored by the China Small and Medium Enterprises International Cooperation Association, and hosted by the Hubei Provincial Department of Science and Technology and Hubei Provincial Enterprise International Cooperation Association. At that time, the forum will invite more than 200 large and medium-sized enterprises and scientific research institutions such as TRUMPF and the American Laser Society, and more than 800 guests will gather in Wuhan to seek common development. The second forum next year is scheduled to be held in Wenzhou, and will increase the laser industry expo, which aims to create a canton fair for the laser industry.
Sun Wen, Chairman of the Laser Industry Branch of the China Small and Medium Enterprises International Cooperation Association, revealed that at this summit forum, China's first laser industry association with the purpose of industrialization-"China Laser Industry Alliance" will be established, which will absorb domestic and international 500 laser production enterprises and 50,000 laser application enterprises. The laser industry is a characteristic and advantageous industry in Hubei Province. In the "Optical Valley" Wuhan, there are more than 50 companies such as Chutian Laser, Huagong Laser, and Qizhi Laser, which occupy half of the national market. The holding of this summit forum will enhance the cooperation between upstream, midstream and downstream enterprises through the integration of resources such as projects, policies, information, etc., create the laser industry chain for common development, shape the core competitiveness of Wuhan's laser industry and highlight its global status.
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