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Advanced manufacturing technology represented by high-power laser processing technology is also continuously promoting the upgrading of the automotive industry

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Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine manufacturer analysis With the expansion of the global automotive market demand, while the intelligent process of automobiles is accelerating, advanced manufacturing represented by high-power laser processing technology Technology is also continuously promoting the upgrading of the automobile manufacturing industry. The combination of advanced laser manufacturing technology and automobile production is the general trend. There is still a huge market demand in China. The transformation of China's manufacturing industry will promote new technological processes and expand the application of laser technology. It is estimated that the annual growth rate of high-power laser processing in China in the next 5 years is 10% -20%. The following laser cutting machine manufacturers briefly introduce the star products of high-power laser cutting machines from Chinese laser companies.
First, Farley DF3015Plus fiber laser cutting machine and LT9035 automatic CNC laser tube cutting machine

1. DF3015Plus fiber laser cutting machine DF3015Plus laser cutting machine adopts gantry double-drive OFweek laser net structure, linear guide rail and rack and pinion drive, AC servo motor drive, zoned exhaust, exchange table system, disposable processing range 3000mm × 1500mm. The equipment is advanced and reasonable in design, stable and reliable. All key components are from well-known international and domestic brands. The professional laser cutting CNC system has high integration, precise control and stable operation. At the same time, the DF3015Plus is equipped with an IPG fiber laser, which provides users with a powerful cutting ability and can meet the cutting needs of carbon steel, stainless steel and other metal plates. It is an ideal choice for medium and thin plate processing.
Advantages: smaller focus spot, finer cutting lines, higher work efficiency, better processing quality; twice the CO2 laser cutting machine with the same power; using the world's top fiber laser, stable performance, and key component life can reach 10 10,000 hours; the fiber laser cutting machine is 3 times more efficient than the CO2 laser cutting electromechanical light conversion efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection; the power consumption of the whole machine is only 20-30% of the similar CO2 laser cutting machine ; no laser working gas; fiber transmission, no reflection required Lens; can save a lot of maintenance costs; optical fiber transmission, no need to adjust the optical path; small size, compact structure, optical fiber transmission, easy to flexible processing requirements. 2.LT9035 automatic CNC laser pipe cutting machine
Features: Pipes such as round pipes and rectangular pipes can be fully loaded without manual intervention. Special-shaped tubes can be manually assisted with semi-automatic feeding; the chuck self-adjusting center automatically adjusts the clamping force according to the profile specifications to ensure that the thin tube is clamped without damage; the corners respond quickly to greatly improve the cutting efficiency; the cut workpiece can be automatically lowered Expect different areas.

Second, Pentium laser EAGLE3015 and high-speed fiber laser cutting machine Fiber Plus4020
1. EAGLE3015 has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, low energy consumption, saves operating costs, and achieves the highest production efficiency; fiber lasers do not require working gas during operation, do not require regular maintenance, and have low operating and maintenance costs; using optical fiber transmission, saving external light paths Lens, stable structure, maintenance-free external optical path, reduce machine failure rate, and avoid external optical path loss.
Function: dual servo motor drive; higher stability, higher speed and faster acceleration; fully digital CNC servo motor communication; using the new AlfaControl operating software developed by Italian Penta; new peripheral design, which can be selected from three Enter the equipment working area in different directions; the exchange table is equipped with a new hydraulic lifting system; the equipment can be operated with or without the exchange table; the new 6020 model equipment is equipped with a light path compensation function, the exchange table, and 6 meters The Y axis only needs to be positioned once.

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