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3D printing is also called additive manufacturing technology or laser rapid prototyping (LRP)

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers believe that: Academician Lu Bingheng, a famous scientist in the field of mechanical manufacturing and automation in China, has explained the following: 3D printing is also called additive manufacturing technology or laser rapid prototyping (LRP). The principle is to decompose the three-dimensional model designed by the computer into several Layer plane slices, and then overlay the printed material layer by layer according to the slice graphics, and finally pile up into a complete object. Main types of technology: stereolithography (SLA), selective laser sintering (SLS), laser cladding molding (LCF), etc. 3D printer is the core equipment of 3D printing. It is a complex mechatronic system that integrates machinery, control and computer technology. It is mainly composed of subsystems such as high-precision mechanical systems, numerical control systems, injection systems, and molding environments.

Recently, Hengjia 3D Makers Club, the first non-profit 3D printing live experience platform in China, was put into use in Qingdao. In Qingdao's "Government Work Report", 3D printing has been repeatedly mentioned as a key emerging strategic industry and has high expectations. There are nearly 20 related enterprises and institutions involved in the development and application of 3D printing technology in Qingdao, covering equipment manufacturing, material research and development, and technical applications. In addition, 3D printing products have also appeared in the field of mass consumption.
Phenomenon 3D printing enters the campus and enters life If one year ago, the concept of 3D printing entered the public's field of vision, then in 2014, 3D printing is entering the lives of citizens. On the afternoon of June 7, Wang Like, 27, was proposing to his girlfriend Li Ting in the old man's beach. "I didn't have time to participate in your life before the age of 27, but I hope to participate in your life in the future." On the beach next to Wang Like, 27 puppets of about 10 cm similar to Li Ting lined up in a heart shape. It turned out that Wang Like collected photos of Li Ting from 1 to 27 years old and asked a 3D printing portrait creative agency to print them. The print portraits appearing in the above scenes are just one of the many ideas for 3D printing in mass consumer products. At the Qingdao International Fashion Week not long ago, two models of 3D printed fashion printed by a well-known Qingdao clothing company Yihua Zhenghong and printed by a multifunctional 3D clothing printer independently developed by Qingdao Uni-Tech attracted countless curiosity from the audience. However, China's first self-developed multifunctional 3D clothing printer was unveiled at Fashion Week, which became a highlight on the spot.
3D printing has not only entered the lives of citizens, but also entered the campus. On May 28, the Qingdao High-tech Zone launched a "3D printing technology" theme activity for campus science popularization, organized 3D printing enterprises in the park to form a preaching delegation, and went to Qingdao Hetao Central Primary School and Hongdao Central Primary School to explain the 3D printing Principles and applications.
Industry 3D printing industry group is rising It is understood that as early as the 1990s, Qingdao Haier and other companies began to engage in the research and development and application of various links in the 3D printing industry chain; In November 2013, AVIC Qingdao Science and Technology Park additive manufacturing technology The center was established in Shibei District; Qingdao High-tech Zone successively cooperated with domestic and foreign 3D printing research and development institutions and teams such as the National Engineering Research Center for Rapid Manufacturing of Xi'an Jiaotong University to focus on the 3D printing industry.
On the industrial map of Qingdao, there are currently close to 20 related enterprises and institutions involved in the development and application of 3D printing technology, and the 3D printing industry group is on the rise. Academician Lu Bingheng once conducted an interesting classification of these market subjects. "The major research and development led by major universities is academic, and the rest of the market spontaneous organizations are market-oriented."
Applying this taxonomy, there are currently nearly ten academic schools in Qingdao. For example, one of the key projects of the Qingdao Research Institute of Xi'an Jiaotong University is 3D printing, which is mainly concentrated in high-tech zones and universities. There are more than 10 companies in the market school. It is mainly concentrated in high-tech zones and Shibei District. Among them, enterprises in Hi-tech Zone are mostly based on scientific research, development, and production; enterprises in Sanbei District, such as Sandi Spacetime, Kehai, and Ximaike, are mainly promoted and applied.

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