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Iron buddies specializing in laser cutting for miles to meet and start a business

Release time: 2014.06.11 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
Laser cutting machine manufacturer reports: According to the original plan, on June 6, Japan should be lectured by Fu Fayu, the founder of Wuhan Orsendico and the pioneering pioneer of Wuhan university students, but because he temporarily left for Guangzhou to discuss business that day, the speaker changed Entrepreneurial partner Yin Gang: "We are an inseparable team. We each have our own expertise in technology. We ca n’t do this product without anyone. In terms of business, he is better at managing, sitting at home. I am better at communicating and looking for orders. Yin Gang, an entrepreneur from Wanli, was born in 1983. He graduated from Huazhong University of Science and Technology with a major in control science and engineering in 2005. Yin Gang and Fu Fayu have been classmates since high school. They are as good as brothers. After graduating from university, Yin Gang went to Shenzhen to work hard and joined Huawei. He worked as a company's technical backbone for five years. Fu Fayu went to Australia to continue studying for a double degree. After graduation, he worked in IBM foreign companies in research and development. Although the two were separated by a distance from the ocean, the connection remained unbroken. They often chat online. Yin Gang is familiar with the domestic status and market demand of the electromechanical intelligent control industry. Fu Fayu knows the direction of technology development overseas.
After many collisions, they found that it was promising to combine leading foreign technology with domestic market demand. "Let's do it together." Facing the computer screen, the two typed a line of words almost simultaneously. Combining the expertise of two people to conduct research and development At the end of 2011, Fu Fayu and Yin Gang, each under pressure, gave up high-paying positions, one returned from overseas to Wuhan from the coast, and self-funded 500,000 yuan to establish Wuhan Orsendico Intelligent Electronic Control Technology Co., Ltd. the company. The new company is positioned in the R & D of intelligent electromechanical equipment in the trinity of optics, control and machinery. For example, the laser cutting head, an important component in laser processing equipment, is not only technically difficult, but also requires a cross-professional background. Few people are involved in China. Fu Fayu thinks that fewer people means higher threshold, but also means blue ocean. And he and Yin Gang's specialty is exactly one of optical and mechanical control. The two decided to start with the laser cutting head focusing system as a breakthrough.
Yin Gang said that Wuhan laser equipment manufacturing enterprises occupy half of the country, with industry giants such as Huagong Laser and Chutian Laser. The industry foundation is very good. But on the other hand, these big companies mostly focus on the design and manufacturing of the overall equipment. The cutting head is only a small part of the many components of the laser processing equipment, which just leaves a small company like them for development. After the goal of improving the existing cutting efficiency by 10% was clear, the two said to do it. From 2011 to the first half of 2013, nearly two years after the company was founded, Yin Gang and Fu Fayu's main energies were used for research and development. Hard work pays off. The laser focusing system independently developed by them can improve the cutting efficiency of existing laser cutters by more than 10%. Taking a 1 mm thick steel plate as an example, the cutting length of a traditional cutting head is about 2 meters per minute, and the product using Osendico can cut about 2.5 meters per minute. In contrast, users save time when cutting the same unit of material, and shortening the time means less power on the machine and less power consumption, reducing the user's energy cost. Fu Fayu and Yi Gang seemed very intelligent in the choice of the entrepreneurial project-laser focusing system (laser cutting head). 1. The project fits the professional and R & D work experience they have learned; 2. The project is well positioned in the market; choose a market segment with a higher threshold; 3. The project can improve the existing laser cutting efficiency by 10% and replace the existing laser cutting head product. Whether there is wisdom in the choice of entrepreneurial projects, which plays a pivotal role in the survival and development of entrepreneurial enterprises
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