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A group of undergraduate students from the Buddhist Academy of Sciences spent more than two years inventing the laser eavesdropper

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Fiber laser cutting machine manufacturers have learned that the current series of "Eavesdropping" series is popular, but if you want to eavesdrop on others' speeches, you have to climb into the room to install eavesdropping instruments? This trick has been "out". The group of undergraduates from the Buddhist Academy of Sciences spent more than two years inventing the laser eavesdropper. As long as the room has glass windows, the laser detector will feedback the changes in the frequency of the glass windows due to sound back to the eavesdropping instrument In the middle, through the program "decoding", as long as the people in the room talked more than 30 decibels, they were clearly monitored by the instrument. It is reported that the eavesdropping device has improved the disadvantage that the traditional eavesdropping device is easily shielded by relying on radar waves. At present, it has applied for a patent and is also being used by enterprises. The invention also won the gold medal in the Guangdong Division of the University Challenger Cup University Competition. Tomorrow, these students will submit their invention materials as representatives of Guangdong University students to participate in national competitions.

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At noon yesterday, the reporter saw the "true content" of this laser eavesdropper in the basic experimental building of the headquarter of the Buddhist university. This unobtrusive instrument looks just like a household toolbox. The box, but open the lid of the box, there is "Qian Kun" inside. The array circuit board transmits the rays of the laser transmitter by multiple lens groups. Through the lens of the box mouth, the light can be directly hit on the window of the room to be tapped. "As long as the people in the room start talking, the sound exceeds 30 decibels, and the outdoor wind does not exceed 5 levels, we can detect the vibration of the glass when people talk, and then return to us through the frequency of this vibration In the circuit board of our company, we reduced it to sound through a program we wrote ourselves, "said Lin Chutao, a junior in the third year of the Buddhist Academy of Sciences and the core of the main team of the laser eavesdropper.

According to Lin Chutao, compared with traditional eavesdropping instruments, laser eavesdroppers are difficult to be disturbed because they use the frequency of light waves. The light emitted by the laser eavesdropper is also invisible to the naked eye, so it is more concealed, and even more, the instrument can be used to locate the specific location of the person in the room by sound. "In the beginning, this idea was when I was a freshman, and I talked about the theory of wave optics in class. I thought, can the sound of people's speech be detected by laser and restored?" Lin Chutao, who is interested, and a group of students who are interested in this area began to check the materials and ask the teacher. "In the first half of the year, it was very frustrating because the theory was like this, but during the hands-on process, I found a lot of difficulties. These can only be worked out slowly by myself, and debugged many times to find a solution." Lin Chutao said that the first instrument The reflected light waves could not be captured at all, and the computer screen was blank.

Eight months later, after repeated debugging by the group of students in the laboratory, the shape of light waves finally appeared on the screen. "For the first time, we were really excited. All the students cheered and celebrated." Lin Chutao said that after capturing the light wave signal, he also saw hope and proved that the signal can be received, and then more than a year later At last, the instrument was able to receive clear voices of people speaking. "It is legal for university students to invent and create a new type of laser eavesdropper, but it needs to be very careful if it is used in society or sold as a new high-tech product package." Liang Daiguo, a lawyer from Guangdong Bangnan Law Firm As a reminder, because eavesdropping involves personal privacy or business secrets, according to the relevant provisions of the Public Security Penalty Regulations or the Civil Liability Tort Law, if personal privacy and legitimate rights and interests are violated, the compensation of the responsible person can be traced. Students said they had noticed it. Lin Chutao said with a smile, because the team knows that eavesdropping equipment cannot be used for playing because it involves the privacy of others. "At most during the test in the experimental building, I can listen to the sounds of other classrooms." Lin Chutao said that because of the special characteristics of the wiretapping device, it has also been decided that this device cannot be used in the private market and will be mainly provided to joint venture quality security companies.

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