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Huagong Laser creates multiple "firsts" to lead the industry style

Release time: 2014.06.12 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Dongguan laser cutting machine manufacturers learned that: the first to achieve the independence of rod fiber equipment, the first optical power thermal analyzer, the first near-suction fume purification machine, the first large-scale machine tool manufacturing capacity, the number of musical instrument manufacturing industry standards I ... Yesterday, 29 projects were promoted as "the first in the country in Wuhan manufacturing". This promotion was jointly initiated by Wuhan Industry Federation, Wuhan Quality Association and Changjiang Daily. After the official launch on June 3, 62 companies applied for 102 projects. After screening, expert confirmation, consultation with relevant departments, and online publicity, etc., 16 companies were selected for a total of 29 projects. How to determine whether the project is "national first"? The organizer introduced that the selected project should provide a patent certificate corresponding to the project, a technology search report or a certificate issued by the National Industry Association. From the perspective of the industry composition of the project, the laser and optical communications industries account for a considerable proportion. There are 10 projects related to lasers in 8 companies, accounting for about 1/3.
From the perspective of geographical distribution, enterprises located in the East Lake Development Zone account for a relatively large number of companies. Fiberhome, Changfei, and most of the laser companies on the list are located in Optics Valley.
Huagong Laser creates multiple "first" leading industry styles. Wuhan Huagong Laser Engineering Co., Ltd. is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China. It is the lead unit and main undertaking unit of the "laser technology" project of China's key scientific and technological research plan. A total of 21 scientific and technological breakthroughs in China, 34 national natural science foundations, 1 gold award for international young inventors, 4 national science and technology progress awards, 34 provincial and ministerial science and technology progress awards, and 16 national science and technology major achievement awards were completed. At the same time, Huagong Laser is also the undertaking unit of the National Standards Secretariat. It is responsible for the establishment of the National Technical Committee on Optical Radiation Safety and Laser Equipment Standardization Committee for High-power Lasers. It also takes the lead in formulating relevant national standards.

Adhering to independent innovation is an inexhaustible driving force for the development of Huagong Laser. With more than 30 years of strong knowledge and experience in the development and manufacture of key laser technologies and complete sets of laser processing equipment, Huagong Laser has created a series of "firsts" for China's laser industry. In this selection, Huagong Laser's "domestic dual-disc laser paper punching machine", "first domestic integrated machining center for drilling, milling, and cutting" and "the first fully automated CNC laser cutting machine in China" Pipe Production Line "was awarded" National First in Wuhan Manufacturing ".
Huagong Laser, the first domestic double-disc laser punching machine for paper and paper in China, developed and manufactured China's first double-disc laser punching machine for papers in 2001, and obtained five national patents, including two invention patents. This device breaks the high price monopoly of foreign companies on the Chinese market, has been widely used in major cigarette and packaging printing companies in China, and has been successfully sold to overseas markets. Fabricator XRP Integrated Drilling, Milling and Cutting Integrated Machining Center, the first integrated drilling, milling, and cutting machining center in China, pioneered the composite processing technology of plasma and machining, effectively improving the automation level of large-format parts processing, and improving the whole The technical level of China's plate processing equipment manufacturing enterprises has driven the overall development of China's large-scale equipment industry chain. The first fully automated CNC laser cutting pipe production line in China. This production line uses multi-dimensional cutting technology for pipe cutting for the first time, saving 90% of labor, improving processing accuracy and increasing production efficiency by 2 times. More laser equipment , laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine are all available at:

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