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The 20th China International Commodities Fair Machinery Industry Exhibition Yiwu International Expo Center

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The 20th Yiwu Fair Machinery Industry Exhibition will be held in Yiwu on October 21-24, 2014. It is an important part of China Yiwu International Commodities Fair and an international exhibition approved by the State Council. Jointly sponsored by the People's Government and others, it is one of the three major export commodity exhibitions organized by the Ministry of Commerce. Has become the largest, most influential and most effective exhibition in China. With its large-scale, professional and international characteristics, it has won praises and favors from many exhibitors. With the support and assistance of people from all walks of life and many manufacturers, the scale has been increasing year by year, and the benefits of participating companies have been significant. At the end of the year, participating in the "Machinery Show" in Yiwu has become an important part of the annual plan of enterprises in the industry.
Supported by the government, set up a big platform for brand promotion-held concurrently with the China Yiwu International Commodities Fair to build a leading trade platform for the machinery industry. It was included in the strong and key support of the Ministry of Commerce, and the key support exhibition project identified by the People's Government of Zhejiang Province has won praises and favors from many exhibitors for its large-scale, professional, and international characteristics. With the promotion of government policies and administrative forces, the influence of the exhibition will be enhanced.

※ Seamless docking and inviting Canton Fair merchants-It has become a habit for many overseas merchants to go to Yiwu to purchase after watching the Canton Fair. More and more overseas merchants holding Canton Fair licenses choose to nonstop to purchase in Yiwu during the Canton Fair. The exhibition period of the Machinery Fair is in the trade fair replacement period of the Canton Fair each autumn. In order to better connect with the Canton Fair, 15 flights a day are operated between Yiwu and Guangzhou to facilitate Chinese and foreign merchants to travel between Yiwu and Guangzhou. In order to attract more high-quality buyers, the Yiwu Municipal Government has specially introduced a buyer incentive scheme to reward buyers and organizers. This tangible subsidy policy made many merchants rush to Yiwu for purchases as soon as the first exhibition of the Canton Fair was over.

※ The brand influence has become the industry's professional representative exhibition-Yiwu Machinery Exhibition-the largest machinery and equipment industry exhibition in East China. It is held once a year in Yiwu and shares the merchant resources of the International Commodities Fair, bringing a lot of extra to the exhibitors. Buyers. Regardless of the scale of the exhibition, the degree of regional cooperation, on-site commercial popularity and audience popularity, it has gradually become the most representative and most influential professional exhibition in the machinery industry.

※ Scale advantage, meet new dealers and buyers-Yiwu Fair has developed and expanded over the years, and has accumulated a considerable number of professional buyers, which provides a strong guarantee for exhibitors' actual exhibition results. This year's exhibition is expected to attract 20,000 visitors and 30,000 overseas visitors. Adhering to the previous excellent situation, adopting a strong global investment promotion model, it will integrate the database of previous exhibitions, and focus on inviting high-end channels such as dealers, agents, and direct sales stores in the machinery industry nationwide and globally to tap more new dealers and buyers. Family.

※ Exploit the market and consolidate the existing market share-Once participating in the exhibition, enjoy comprehensive online and offline publicity throughout the year. The scope of publicity involves new media methods such as websites, magazines, 杏鑫平台papers, mobile 杏鑫平台papers, Weibo, WeChat, etc., and multiple surprises in one exhibition . Keep up to date with the latest market developments, share interactions, set up one-on-one trade matchmaking meetings, and invite the person in charge of online and offline machinery industry procurement. The audience comes from more than 100 countries and regions around the world. , A great way to increase your product sales.

※ Geographical advantages and continuous development—Yiwu has more than 3,000 permanent representative offices of foreign enterprises, and more than 13,000 overseas customers are resident in Yiwu for international purchases, with more than 300,000 foreign merchants annually. In 2012, 445,000 foreign merchants entered Yiwu. At present, the daily passenger flow of 200,000 people in Yiwu constitutes a huge group of buyers, and has always been a key area of concern for merchants and buyers at home and abroad. The Yiyi Fair once a year welcomes merchants and buyers from 208 countries to gather at the scene to contact and share the international market. Yiwu Machinery Industry Exhibition is blessed with unique development.

◆》》》 Exhibition Scope

★ Carving equipment: woodworking / advertising engraving machine, CNC engraving machine; cabinet door / solid wood door / craft wooden door / paint-free door / screen / craft window and other panel engraving machine; stamp / crafts / wood bamboo engraving machine ; panel furniture / Wooden board (wave board) / Plastic board (acrylic sheet) / Stone (artificial stone) / laser, engraving and cutting machine, computer engraving machine for glass; other metal / non-metal materials laser cutting machine , engraving machine, marking machine, Slotting machine;

★ Welding: all kinds of welding machines, welding equipment, brazing and soldering, welding materials, welding-related automation equipment, welding robots, welding devices and equipment, welding-related sanitation, safety protection equipment, welding lines, welding structure processes Machinery, non-destructive inspection equipment and test equipment, surface treatment equipment, welding raw and auxiliary materials, other welding related equipment and materials, etc.

★ Cutting: CNC cutting machine, plasma cutting machine equipment, flame cutting machine, Plasma & CO2 folding machine, metal processing folding machine, cutting automation equipment, cutting device and instrument, sawtooth, cutting tool, other related equipment, etc.

★ Laser: laser processing equipment, laser marking machine , laser welding machine , laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser numerically controlled machine tool, laser heat treatment machine, laser drilling (drilling) hole machine, laser mold engraving machine, laser internal engraving machine , Laser scribing machine, laser engraving and milling machine, laser engraving machine, CO2 laser marking machine, laser anti-counterfeiting printer, laser coding technology, etc., laser auxiliary equipment and accessories, laser and light guide light-emitting components, etc.

★ Carving and marking accessories and auxiliary equipment: tools for engraving machines, lasers, laser pumping lights, laser beauty lights and other supporting components.

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