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Laser weapons are getting closer to actual combat, and the United States is also building laser weapons in all aspects of sea, land and air

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Manufacturers of laser equipment , laser cutting machines , and laser engraving machines learned that the United States, as a major country in the development of laser weapons, announced at the beginning of 2013 that it would implement laser weapons onboard ships in 2014. There are various indications that laser weapons are getting closer to actual combat, and the United States is also building laser weapons in all aspects of sea, land and air. According to the United States Fun Science website reported on June 12, the US Navy is developing laser weapons designed to shoot down local drones.

The Office of Military Research (ONR) announced yesterday that the Navy plans to deploy the laser weapon on warships later this summer. In addition, they are also developing a similar laser weapon mainly for attacking ground vehicles. ONR officials said the project, called "Mobile Ground-Based Air Defense Directed Energy (GBAD)," aims to provide Marine Corps with a "sustainable combat solution that replaces existing conventional weapons against the enemy's "UAVs", these unmanned aerial vehicles can track or attack the US Navy on the ground. "We believe that the enemy will increasingly use drones, and our expeditionary forces must respond to this growing threat." William Zamani, leader of ONR's expeditionary mobile operations and counter-terrorism unit, stated in a statement China stated that ONR is currently working with the Naval Surface Warfare Center's Dahlgren Division and other industrial partners to develop this laser system, which includes beam directors, batteries, radar, advanced cooling systems, and communication and control systems. The laser system is planned to be installed on light tactical vehicles such as Hummers and Joint Light Tactical Vehicles.

The development of this laser system is designed to be responsible for the Marine Corps' strategic strategic planning, which requires the provision of a mobile directed energy weapon to attack and destroy enemy drones. Because Marine Corps officials believe that with the rapid development of drone technology, more and more countries will have the ability to monitor and identify enemy targets from the air. "This project made us realize that directed energy weapon systems will make the Marines move faster and more deadly." Lee Masduani, project manager of the ONT expeditionary mobile combat unit counter-terrorism division, stated in a statement Researchers are currently testing parts of the laser system to test its performance in detecting and tracking drones of various sizes. Later this year, researchers will test the entire system with a 10-kilowatt laser; a 30-kilowatt laser is expected to be field tested in 2016. At that time, researchers will conduct more sophisticated tests of the laser system on cleverly designed vehicles to systematically evaluate its performance in detecting, tracking and firing. The Department of Defense's High Energy Laser Joint Technology Office, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) Lincoln Laboratory, the Pennsylvania Optoelectronics Center, and the US Army's Space and Missile Defense Command have all participated in this research, not only paying for the technology.

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