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The rapid development of global laser manufacturing technologyThe gap between China's and international laser technology levels has increased

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers report: With the advancement of major projects such as railway construction, highway construction, water conservancy construction, hydropower construction, energy, mining construction, construction industry in China, by 2015, China's construction machinery market demand will reach more than 200 billion yuan , Large-scale thick steel plate laser cutting machine will be widely used in China's construction machinery industry. In 2007, a famous domestic heavy machinery company invited 27 3m × 30m large-format 20mm thick steel plate laser cutting machines for bidding. As no domestic laser company met the technical requirements, all orders were obtained by foreign manufacturers. Another heavy industry company needs 6 3m × 30m large-format 20mm thick steel plate laser cutting machines . They were also all awarded by foreign manufacturers, and the contract value of these two companies alone amounted to 200 million yuan.

Global laser manufacturing technology is developing rapidly, and the gap between China and the international laser technology level has increased. Almost all high-end laser processing equipment depends on imports, resulting in foreign laser manufacturing equipment occupying 70% of the Chinese market. It is estimated that in the next 10 years, the market demand for these high-performance laser cutting systems in China will reach 10 billion yuan. Such an urgent and huge market demand reflects that the laser processing method has covered all important areas of the national economy, and has also affected breakthroughs in key technologies such as national defense and aerospace. We not only solve the current gap in domestic products, but also It aims to solve the multi-level technical core problems in the field of laser processing , such as laser numerical control, new structure of laser machine tools, and technical bottlenecks of high-quality laser processing . In the world market, laser cutting machines are developing in the direction of high power, large format and thick plates. Cutting welding is the most basic processing technology in the shipbuilding industry. Currently, flame cutting and plasma cutting are generally used in China's marine steel plate cutting. Due to limited accuracy, especially for decks and hull materials of special materials, many large foreign shipyards generally use large-scale thick plates. Laser cutting machine , domestic shipbuilding companies have begun to purchase equipment, especially for special purpose boats, using laser cutting has become a necessary processing method. It is expected that in the next 5-10 years, the production demand of this application industry is huge. With the advent of the "precision shipbuilding" era, high-power CO2 laser cutting technology and equipment have been more and more widely used in the shipbuilding industry of advanced countries.

Large-scale thick sheet laser cutting machines also have urgent needs in other important industries, such as cutting aerospace engine rotor hubs, laser cutting of hot-rolled billets in the steel and metallurgical industry, precision cutting of thick armors for tanks, armored vehicles, and generator set rotors in power generation equipment. Precision cutting, etc.

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