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The determinants of laser cutting machine prices are different from the determinants of service prices

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The determinants of the price of laser cutting machines are different from the determinants of service prices. The main factors affecting commodity prices are the following. Commodity cost: Generally, cost is the lowest limit of the transaction price. Suppliers that are trading below cost are not only unprofitable but also losing money. Supply-demand relationship: In a market economy, prices are determined by supply-demand relationships. Market supply refers to the supply of goods on the market. Market demand is the demand that consumers have the ability to pay. The supply and demand of a certain commodity in the market is basically balanced. The price of this commodity will stabilize. If supply exceeds demand, its price will fall. If supply exceeds demand, its price will rise. Market competition environment: The market competition environment can be divided into four modes: complete competition, complete monopoly, monopolistic competition, and oligopoly. Different market competition environments have different effects on the formation of prices.
With the development of society in recent years, the increase of labor costs is also a very important factor, which also needs to be included in the consideration of the majority of users. Of course, in addition to these factors that affect the price of laser cutting machines , their own conditions and requirements are also critical. Users need to be clear about their own needs, and choose the right equipment with selectivity and purpose. There are five points that need to be planned before the user purchases the equipment:
1. Do a good job of budgeting for equipment and meet your needs.
2. The user's own processing quantity, according to the laser engineer's recommendation, decide which laser cutting equipment is used.
3. The user's processing requirements, that is, the processing requirements and accuracy requirements of the processing.
4. Whether the material to be processed by the user is stainless steel, aluminum or carbon steel, the laser cutting machine equipment manufacturer must be clearly informed. Determine the processing format and other issues.
5. Investigate the production and R & D capabilities of laser equipment manufacturers, and whether they can keep up with the sales in time.
The current mainstream laser cutting equipment on the market is mainly divided into fiber laser cutting machine , YAG laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine according to the laser generation system. Which cutting machine is selected according to user needs and budget, etc. The thickness of the material can be determined by looking at the specific power requirements. An approximate price range is between 100,000 and 4 million.
The fiber laser cutting machine is mainly used to cut thin metal materials. His cutting speed is the fastest and the best cutting quality in the current laser cutting equipment (under the same conditions), and his power is mainly between 500W-4000W. The price is generally between 500,000 and 4 million.
The cutting efficiency and cutting speed of YAG laser cutting machine are equivalent to that of fiber laser cutting machine , but compared with fiber laser cutting machine, its cutting quality is relatively poor, and the photoelectric conversion rate is relatively low. Compared with the fiber laser cutting machine , the technical content is lower, so its price is also lower, the general power is mainly between 450W-1000W, the price is between 10W-40W, generally not higher than this price. (Note: If you want to know what is a YAG laser cutting machine, you can join the laser equipment article "What is a YAG laser cutting machine ?")
CO2 laser cutting machine is mainly used for cutting thick plates, so its power is also very large, between 1000W-4000W, the price is also relatively expensive, the general price is more than 1 million.
In general, the price of laser cutting equipment is more expensive than traditional cutting equipment. This article has briefly listed the advantages of laser cutting machines . We should look ahead and see future market development. At the front end of the market, leading the market can create new glory for the enterprise and reflect higher value.
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