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Working principle of high speed galvanometer in laser marking machine laser cutting machine

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One. The composition of the laser marking machine galvanometer: consists of the following two parts, the first is the controller; the second is the galvanometer (motor).
The basic working principle of the motor
The motor is based on a magnetic field and uses electromagnetic induction to achieve energy conversion. Therefore, it must have a magnetic circuit that conducts magnetic flux and a circuit that conducts current. When the motor performs energy conversion, it should have two major components for relative movement: the component that establishes the excitation magnetic field and the component that is induced. The moving one is called the rotor, and the stationary one is called the stator. The generator absorbs mechanical power from the mechanical system and outputs electrical power to the electrical system; the motor absorbs electrical power from the electrical system and outputs mechanical power to the mechanical system. During the internal energy conversion of the motor, there are electrical energy, mechanical energy, magnetic field energy, and thermal energy. The thermal energy is generated by the internal energy loss of the motor, which should be minimized during design. For electric motors, the electrical energy input from the power source = the incremental energy storage in the coupled electromagnetic field + the internal loss energy of the motor + the output mechanical energy; for the generator, the mechanical energy input from the mechanical system = the incremental energy storage in the coupled electromagnetic field + motor Internal loss energy + output electric energy
Generally, motors are mainly divided into four categories: AC motors, DC motors, AC-DC motors, and special-purpose motors. AC motors include synchronous motors and asynchronous motors. Special-purpose motors include electric dynamometers, synchronous camera adjustment, feed cameras, micro special motors, and other special-purpose motors. Laser marking machine vibration lens belongs to the swing motor among other special purpose motors.
four. The basic structure of the vibration lens:
Composition: It consists of stator, rotor and detection sensor. Among them, the Shanghai galvanometer lens is a moving coil type (the rotor is a coil), and the others are dynamic magnetic type (the rotor is a magnetic core). All the galvanometer lenses are made of permanent magnets as the magnetic core; the detection sensor analog galvo is a capacitive sensor The digital galvanometer is a grating ruler detection sensor. The capacitance sensor is a small change in the capacitance of the detection sensor when the motor is swinging. The change in the capacitance is converted into an electrical signal and fed back to the controller to perform closed-loop control. The grating ruler measures the actual deflection angle through the grating ruler, which is converted into an electrical signal and fed back to the controller for closed-loop control. The moving coil type is because the rotor is a coil, and the coil is relatively large in size and large inertia, which is not conducive to rapid response, so it is basically not used now. The moving magnetic type is tightly mounted on the rotating shaft, with a small volume and a small inertia, so the fast response performance is very good.
Fives. Controller basic requirements:
Because the laser marking machine relies on the cooperation of X and Y deflection, it reflects the light to the work surface for precise engraving. The galvanometer control is controlled by a computer in an open loop. Therefore, it must be linear, that is, the linear relationship between the input signal and the deflection angle. Because the galvanometer is a fast and precise machine, it is required to increase the acceleration from one working state to another working state as much as possible, so that the time such as empty marking is infinitely small.
The above five points have basically introduced the basic principles and characteristics of the fiber laser marking machine galvanometer
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