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Fiber laser cutting machine as an upgraded version of today's laser cutting machine equipment

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Fiber laser cutting machine, as an upgraded version of current laser cutting machine equipment, has certain advantages in terms of traditional cutting machines. What advantages does fiber laser cutting machine have over other cutting machines? The following Nanjing laser cutting machine brand manufacturer Wickman will answer the advantages of fiber laser cutting machine for everyone:
1. The fiber laser cutting machine uses a fiber laser with a wavelength of 1070nm, which is 1/10 of the CO2 laser wavelength. It is more economical than a CO2 laser cutting machine in cutting metal materials.
2. The advanced fiber laser can effectively provide a high-quality laser beam and provide a finer spot in terms of cutting effects.
3. The fiber laser is a maintenance-free product with no consumables. It is the only laser cutting equipment without consumables among the current laser cutting equipment.
4. In terms of cutting the product, it can be processed under severe conditions such as shock, vibration, high temperature resistance, which is the tolerance of this fiber laser cutting machine .
From the above, it can be seen that the advanced fiber laser can make the grade of laser cutting machine as an effective upgrade, but because of the higher cost of fiber laser cutting machine and CO2 laser cutting machine and other equipment, it is not widely used in the market. As a result, the current mainstream processing equipment is the CO2 laser cutting machine , but if you want to have more fine processing equipment, it is recommended to choose a slightly higher cost fiber laser cutting machine , because its advantages are in front of you.
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