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China completes world's first shipborne laser wind profiler and small coherent wind measurement lidar

Release time: 2014.06.30 News source: Views:

Dongguan laser equipment laser cutting machine laser engraving machine manufacturers learned that: China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation No. 3 Institute of Environmental Meteorological Radar Project two types of products-ship-borne laser wind profiler and small coherent wind measurement laser radar, recently completed the spring offshore test . This is the first joint test of the two radar detection systems and the use of GPS sounding detection methods, which is the first time in China and even internationally.

As a coherent Doppler lidar, the small coherent wind measurement lidar works in the infrared bands that are not visible to the human eye. It can realize the detection of no blind spots in the atmospheric wind field from the ground to a low altitude of 3,000 meters, with high temporal and spatial resolution. And accuracy. It can fill the shortage of low-altitude detection capability of wind profile radar, and can continuously obtain the wind field and other parameters in the range of atmospheric boundary layer. Shipborne wind profiler is a non-coherent Doppler lidar, which is mainly used for the detection of atmospheric environment and meteorological parameters in the atmospheric boundary layer and low-altitude troposphere. The system uses aerosol scattering sensitive detection bands, taking into account atmospheric molecular scattering efficiency, and can measure the atmosphere Wind profile, three-dimensional wind field, cloud base height, three-dimensional distribution of aerosol concentration, aerosol extinction coefficient, visibility and temperature profile, etc.

This experiment is to study the three-dimensional wind field and aerosol optical characteristics of the marine atmosphere boundary layer, explore the multi-scale detection method of atmospheric wind field, marine meteorological parameters, and boundary layer characteristics under marine aerosol environment and shipborne measurement conditions, and accumulate China's sea-air boundary The layer profile observation data and satellite synchronized verification data provided strong support, and laid a solid foundation for the next step in shaping the lidar products for shipboard applications.

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