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The application of laser cutting machine technology in China has ushered in new development opportunities. The cake is getting bigger and bigger

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The application of laser cutting machine technology in China has ushered in new development opportunities. The cake is getting bigger and bigger, but can laser companies in China seize the development opportunities to make the industry bigger and stronger?

In the market, companies with strong comprehensive competitiveness are the carriers of laser industrialization. Therefore, from a micro perspective, the basis for laser industrialization is that China must have a number of outstanding companies with strong competitiveness in the market economy. , Including system integrators, laser device manufacturers, the larger this group, the greater the industrialization cake, the greater the certainty of the success of industrialization.

I. Enterprises should quickly improve their comprehensive competitiveness

1.First make the product well

The core of competition in a market economy is products. As the saying goes, there is no weak market, only weak products. Therefore, the strength of product competitiveness directly determines the strength of the competitiveness of enterprises. ① Make products around the market. Product development must come from the target market, in other words to cater to the appetite of the market, to grasp the main aspects of the current market demand factors, not to say that the more top-level things sell better. ② Improve the overall quality of products (technical level, manufacturing level, application level). Efforts to improve the overall quality of the product, including the technical level of the product, the level of production and manufacturing, and the stability and reliability of the product, must establish a comprehensive quality assurance system. ③ Establish a system for rapid and continuous improvement of products. The market competition is becoming increasingly fierce, and new technologies and devices are constantly being used in laser cutting technology. Therefore, we must take a long-term view, keep a close eye on the development of laser technology, and establish a comprehensive system for rapid and continuous improvement of products, so that the product changes with each passing day and product experience is continuously accumulated And will not be eliminated by the market. "Three highs and one low" as the goal. This refers to high ④ products in pursuit of "efficiency, high precision, high intelligence, low cost, to improve performance and reduce costs through multiple channels.

2. Do market planning

Having a good product is just a prerequisite for a good market. Whether it is buried in the sand or not depends on the operation and planning of the market, so that the market knows the gold content of the product. Accurate market positioning, the largest sales information, professional sales staff, and controlled sales process.

3. Establish corporate brand and improve service quality

There is a popular saying in the market: if you have a problem, you are not afraid. If you are afraid, you will not be able to solve the problem quickly. Do not forget that the great advantage of domestic companies competing with foreign companies is service. Therefore, the establishment of a professional and fast-responding service team is the key to the good use of products and the necessary guarantee for the industrialization of products. . Only on this basis can we gradually establish an excellent brand for the enterprise.

Create a good development atmosphere for laser companies

1. Establish and improve market mechanisms

An industrialized company must be a leader in the market competition. The companies that rely on waiting, relying on, and survive are not large. They must bring the advantaged companies with strong technical strength to the market as soon as possible, and hone and grow in the market. Regardless of the nature of the enterprise, the country must invest its superior resources in companies with strong competitiveness in the market. This is very important for the industrialization of laser technology.

2. Establish a talent training mechanism for the laser industry

Excellent talents are the driving force for the development of enterprises and industries. Because the laser industry is small and the disciplines are more specialized, there is a very shortage of talents with laser expertise. It is a strategic issue to use lasers as an industry. It is very necessary to train a group of talents who understand both professional technology and enterprise management. To establish a comprehensive mechanism for training comprehensive talents, the training of talents is systematic, standardized and programmatic.
3. The combination of strong and strong, resource reorganization to improve the comprehensive ability of an enterprise. The advancement of technological capabilities directly determines the competitiveness of an enterprise and is also the basis of industrialization. China ’s laser cutting technology started late, and has a large gap with foreign countries. The maturity of the market competition mechanism also lags far behind that of developed countries. Therefore, it is often a donkey to catch a car, and the technological differences are getting farther and farther; Stand on the shoulders of others for leap-forward development; you can combine domestically or you can introduce foreign technology to digest and absorb and innovate. In order to enhance the competitiveness of the product, do not leave behind in the period of great development.

4. Vigorously promote the combination of capital ties and the laser industry. Industrialized capital is a prerequisite. It is a match for competitive companies. Under increasingly competitive market conditions, products with mature technology and market may not be able to grow. The strength of the company directly determines the strength of the company's competitiveness and determines the success of industrialization. Only with capital can mass production, only with mass production can significantly reduce costs, can achieve rapid delivery, can they be competitive, and they must support enterprises to do something in the capital market.

5. Strengthen foreign technology exchanges and promote industrial development. In the next 5 to 10 years, not only will China's cutting equipment grow rapidly, but welding equipment will also enjoy great development opportunities. The market needs different types of higher-power lasers and related technologies. And devices. Due to the large gap between some domestic laser devices and technologies and foreign countries, to close the gap not only requires high-intensity independent innovation, but also to strengthen international technical exchanges and cooperation, and to grasp the rhythm of China's rapid development with foreign counterparts. To achieve mutual benefit and win-win, and common development.

6. Formulate a good industrial policy, develop the economy and expand the domestic demand in the country. The industrial policy of the country is a strategic issue of industrial development, and it plays a macro lever role in industrial development. Therefore, the formulation of industrial policies must proceed from reality and promote the development of the industry. For example, the current tax policy and tariff policy are very beneficial to the development of domestic enterprises.

At the same time, as China's economy has ushered in a new period of development, domestic companies can expand foreign market shares, and foreign companies are also actively exploring the domestic market; domestic companies must use their brains in this field to form a surplus with foreign companies as much as possible. At the same time, it is necessary to make full use of the country's large-scale investment in the transformation of basic industries in order to stimulate the good environment of market demand. Domestic enterprises will be near the water. Only when the enterprise grows stronger can it have the ability to compete with foreign companies.

7. Establishing an industrial chain of competitive industrial resources, and jointly developing a point cannot be an industry. We must establish and improve the laser industrial chain. It is not required to be large and comprehensive, and it is not easy to form an advantage, but we must seize the main points of the industrial chain for integration. Concentrate on advantageous resources and vigorously support the development of industrial chain points with competitive advantages, and cultivate as many bright spots as possible on the industrial chain. For those who can't do well at present, it is necessary to cooperate with others and introduce technology to gradually form the competitive advantage of the laser industry group. While steadily occupying the domestic market, we will gradually penetrate into the foreign market. As long as we do well, we will definitely get a piece of cake in the foreign market.

8. Give play to the role of the laser association, strengthen the industry's regulation and guidance function, develop the laser association, and close the relationship between the association and the enterprise. The association should be in line with international standards, fully understand the development direction of foreign counterparts, and the rules of the game; provide authoritative decision-making basis for the development decisions of domestic enterprises, regulate the domestic market, and enhance the competitiveness of domestic enterprises' laser industrialization.

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