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In recent years, the domestic laser industry has developed well and strongly supports the laser industry to become larger and stronger

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In recent years, laser cutting machines and laser equipment in the domestic laser industry have developed well. Local governments have also issued related policies to strongly support the growth and strength of the laser industry. China is at the stage of industrial transformation and upgrading. The demand for advanced industrial lasers will become greater and greater, and it will certainly become the main battlefield for industrial laser applications. In order to build a technology exchange platform and show the latest progress of laser processing applications, OFweek LaserNet will hold "OFweek2014 Advanced Laser Technology and Industrial Application Seminar" in Shenzhen, China on September 2, 2014. At that time, well-known experts in the industry, scientific researchers, corporate executives, engineering and technical personnel and other laser practitioners will gather together to discuss the cutting-edge laser technology and industrial development direction. At the same time, Professor Wang Yan, the authoritative expert in the field of fiber lasers and the dean of the Institute of Laser Engineering of Beijing University of Technology, will attend the conference and deliver a special lecture entitled "Research Progress and Prospects of High Power Short Pulse Fiber Lasers".
Wang Yi OFweek Laser Network, selected by the “Thousand Talents Program” of the Central Organization Department and Beijing “Haiju Engineering”, a professor and doctoral tutor of the Institute of Laser Engineering of Beijing University of Technology, a specially-appointed professor in Beijing, and a doctor of science. Graduated from the Department of Physics of Shandong University in 1986 with a bachelor's degree; graduated from the Crystal Materials Institute of Shandong University with a master's degree in 1991; graduated with a master's degree in laser physics from the Laser and Application Center of Macquarie University in Australia in 2000; Ph.D .; Senior Optical Engineer at the Photonics Division of Northern Telecom Australia from 2000 to 2001, engaged in the research of new fiber optics; 2002-2009, Senior Researcher at the Optoelectronics Research Centre of the University of Southampton, UK, engaged in new high-power optical fibers In the research of lasers and fiber amplifiers, he has made several international leading research results in research directions such as high-power fiber lasers and high-power fiber superfluorescence sources, and mastered some core / key technologies of high-power fiber laser research. The main research contents include: design and preparation of new special doped fiber / laser crystal, design of new laser cavity and laser beam mode control, new high-power fiber laser beam combining technology, new high-power semiconductor laser fiber coupling technology, and fiber optics in Africa Suppression and application of linear optical effects, etc., and in the "high-power large-mode field double-clad spiral-core fiber laser", "high-power multi-core ribbon fiber laser", "high-power fiber super fluorescence source", "hundred watt level Single-frequency, single-mode, single-polarization fiber laser phase noise measurement "and" Semiconductor laser-pumped laser nonlinear Yb: YAB crystal laser "and other cutting-edge research topics have achieved world-leading innovative research results.
In November 2009, Wang Zheng returned from the University of Southampton in the United Kingdom to join the Laser Engineering Research Institute of Beijing University of Technology and set up a "high-power fiber laser" laboratory. From 2009 to present, he has presided over the key projects of the National Natural Science Foundation of China “Research on the basic theory and key technologies of high-power all-fiber superfluorescence sources”, the National Natural Science Foundation of China ’s “Key Technology Research of Graphene Mode-locked Fiber Lasers” and Beijing Natural Science Foundation "high-repetition-frequency and high-pulse energy cladding pumped ultrafast fiber lasers" and other projects. He has published more than 40 SCI-accepted papers in internationally renowned academic journals such as Optics Letters and Optics Express, and has obtained more than 10 nationally granted patents. He has also invited guest lectures at international conferences such as CLEO, ASSP, CLEO and Europhoton in the United States. And meeting reports.

Strong growth in the field of fiber laser applications In 2013, the global industrial laser processing industry was more complicated: the US market has grown by virtue of its outstanding performance in exports; Europe has only maintained its balance of payments by virtue of German export growth; the Asian market, the growth of ASEAN countries has offset This reflects China's economic slowdown and Japan's zero growth. In 2013, the industrial laser material processing market size increased by approximately 3.6%, reaching US $ 2.393 billion. The market demand in this field drives the continuous growth of the global laser processing market, and its main business covers marking, micromachining and material processing. The industrial laser marking and engraving market size reached USD 342 million in 2013, with an annual growth rate of 13%. Among them, fiber lasers occupy a major position, accounting for about 66% of such equipment, and the sales revenue of lasers used in marking and engraving fields is 227 million US dollars. In 2013, materials processing accounted for the largest proportion of the total OFweek laser net light, reaching 1.474 billion US dollars. It is mainly reflected in high-power lasers with higher yields for processing metals with a thickness of more than 10mm. In terms of lasers, CO2 lasers accounted for 47% of material processing and accounted for 36% of overall laser revenue; fiber lasers grew 24% in 2013. It is estimated that high-power fiber lasers have penetrated the sheet metal cutting market (up to 35%); direct semiconductor lasers increased by 26%. Among them, the sales revenue of fiber lasers (≥1 kW) in the field of application and material processing in 2013 was US $ 432 million.

Nowadays, the share of fiber lasers in various business fields is constantly increasing, which promotes the development of the global laser market. Fiber lasers are favored by system integrators for their advantages of high efficiency and low maintenance and operating costs. Low-power pulsed and continuous-wave fiber lasers have revolutionized the global marking and engraving industry, gradually replacing lamp-pumped and diode-pumped solid-state lasers. In terms of high-power fiber lasers, with the continuous maturity of technology, the power has become larger and larger, and the market share of CO2 lasers has been eroded in terms of material processing, and the annual growth rate has reached 20%. Therefore, in this "OFweek2014 Advanced Laser Technology and Industrial Application Symposium", Professor Wang Kun delivered a special lecture entitled "Research Progress and Prospects of High Power Short Pulse Fiber Lasers" to provide more detailed and authoritative opinions for the majority of laser practitioners .

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