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Choosing the right laser chiller for the laser marking machine can greatly improve the life and processing precision of the laser marking machine

Release time: 2014.08.14 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Choosing the right laser chiller for the laser marking machine can greatly improve the service life and processing accuracy of the laser marking machine , and maximize the performance of the laser marking machine . However, most users and manufacturers often have a vague concept when selecting and recommending laser chillers. Many laser chillers on the market are also unclear. Users do not know enough about the appropriate chillers to mark the lasers used. Machine for reasonable maintenance. Shenzhen Kelida Precision concludes that the following aspects are critical to the selection of the laser chiller according to the current customer supporting needs:
I. Refrigeration capacity As the name suggests, the cooling capacity of laser chiller is the first index for laser chiller selection.
We can calculate the calorific value generated by the laser marking machine according to the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the laser marking machine , and select the matching.
P heat = P laser / μ
Assuming that the thermal efficiency μ of a CO2 laser marking machine is generally 15%, an 80W laser needs at least: 80 / 0.15 = 533W
That is, while generating 80W laser, the laser injects 533W of energy, and the excess energy needs to be taken away by the laser chiller.
We directly determine the cooling capacity of the laser chiller based on the input rated power of the laser power supply minus the output power of the laser.
For example, our commonly used RF lasers and solid-state lasers will indicate the rated full-power supply voltage and current. Taking a coherent 70W RF laser as an example, it requires a power input of 48V25A, instantaneous 36A, and the input power can be calculated up to 1200W.
2. Yang Cheng pressure and water flow rate of the pump Everyone pays attention to the cooling capacity of the laser chiller, and often ignores the index of the pump Yang Cheng. The cooling capacity represents the cooling capacity provided by the compressor, and the water flow represents the ability of the chiller to take away heat. This has caused a phenomenon that everyone often sees: a chiller with a nominal cooling capacity of 1000W is connected to an 80W glass tube, a chiller It shows that the laser tube is hot at 25 ° C. This is because the water pump Yang Cheng pressure is not high, the water flow is not enough pressure to promote water circulation, and the heat is not taken away. It is very easy to cause poor heat dissipation of the laser module and Q head, and it is easy to cause dirty blockage, which directly affects the performance and service life of the laser)
3. The comprehensive index of water filter and water quality requirements and the material of the inner water tank is often ignored, but it is very reused and directly affects the life of the laser. For CO2 glass tube lasers, the lenses at both ends belong to the dead angle of the water flow, which easily traps impurities in the water and causes poor heat dissipation. The micro deformation of the lenses directly affects the output beam quality and spot mode of the laser. For radio frequency lasers, the accumulation of impurities such as scale and patina on the heat dissipation plate will cause the temperature of the cavity to be too high, and the electrode plate will be deformed, and the temperature sensor will alarm, and the laser will not emit light. For the YAG laser, the cleanliness of the surface of the pump lamp, crystal, and gold-plated cavity directly affects the light output and spot mode; the blockage of tiny water holes in the semiconductor module will directly burn the bar. Most of the chiller refrigerant tubes on the market use copper tubes, and the evaporation tray is directly placed in the cooling water, which will generate a large amount of copper rust, which directly affects the laser. Many filters without filters are directly adding tap water to the chiller or using pure water that is not replaced for a long time, which will cause the breeding bacteria and impurities to be deposited on the laser, which will affect the life and use of the laser.

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