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Love Heli Laser Colleague Xiao Fu-For this we pray in silence with you

Release time: 2014.08.14 News source: Views:

Love Heli Laser Colleague Xiao Fu-For this we pray in silence with you

The following is the website report of the local government of Suichuan County, Xiaofu:

At about 5 pm on August 12, Suichuan County encountered rare and short-term localized concentrated rainfall in recent years, causing geological disasters of varying degrees in many towns and villages, and severe landslides in Tanghu Town, Zuo'an Town, and Daijiapu Township. natural disaster. One villager and two villagers in Sheshan Village of Tanghu Town were buried outdoors; one household and three villagers in Anxi Village and one villager in Fengcheng Village were buried; one villager in Shuangling Village of Daijiapu Township was buried. After the disaster, the county immediately launched an emergency plan. The main leaders of the county party committee and county government are in charge of the county leaders and the township and county leaders. They arrived at the incident site of Tanghu Town and Zuo'an Town as soon as possible. More than 200 people from related departments were sent to rescue forces organized by the three places and local towns and villages for full rescue. As of 6 a.m. on August 13th, a total of 5 people were killed in 4 geological disasters and 2 were missing. At present, all efforts are being made to search and rescue the missing persons.

Facing this natural disaster, Xiaofu of our Heli laser team lost three loved ones. It is distressing to face the sudden bad 杏鑫平台. Dongguan Heli Laser colleagues voluntarily organized to pay Xiaoming colleagues and donate. I hope to help him with a small amount of effort. Xiaofu, please be sad, be strong. You are the best. Heli Laser's colleagues are concerned about you!

Fu Xiaoming, our colleague, our brother, he is far away from his home in Jiangxi. On August 12, continuous rainstorms caused landslides and lost three loved ones overnight. The father, mother and niece were all killed. Feeling sad, nature is too cruel, so every living life is gone, so sad! As brothers together, we are as sad as Xiaofu. We do n’t know what we can do, but what we can do is to give Xiaofu the courage to face the disaster and pass a love to Xiaofu. Give Xiaofu a home where many brothers and sisters care about and love. Xiaofu is strong, and we are! !! !! !!

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