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Our company will participate in the 2014 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival and Guangzhou Fashion Week on August 28-30, 2014

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Our company will participate in the 2014 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival and Guangzhou Fashion Week on August 28-30, 2014!
Our exhibiting address : Hall 14.1-2B01, West District, Pazhou Complex
For details, please call : 13712287546 Welcome new and old customers to visit us!

Our company will display: laser cutting machine , leather laser cutting machine , cloth laser cutting machine , acrylic laser cutting machine engraving machine, etc. Metal non-metal laser cutting machine engraving machine, more metal laser cutting machine , metal non-metal mixed laser Machine, laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine at

Exhibition Name : 2014 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival & Guangzhou Fashion Week
Venue : Pazhou Complex, China Import and Export Fair
Exhibition time : 2014-08-28 to 2014-08-30

Organizer : Guangzhou Municipal Government
Organizer : Guangzhou Yijia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

2014 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival & Guangzhou Fashion Week Time: August 28-30, 2014 Venue: Pazhou Complex, China Import and Export Fair

South China's first clothing brand exhibition in 20 countries and regions exhibitors 100,000 professional buyers 380 global media focus

Held concurrently: 2014 Guangzhou International Fashion Festival

Organizer: Guangzhou Municipal People's Government Organizer: Guangzhou Garment Industry Association Guangzhou Economic and Trade Exhibition Service Center Guangzhou Yijia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. Executor: Guangzhou Yijia Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

Tonghe Korea Co., Ltd. Chinese branch China-Korea Apparel Chamber of Commerce France Yasai Media Australia International Wool Bureau Portuguese and Chinese Young Entrepreneurs Association Taiwan Garment Industry Association China Apparel Culture Federation Anhui Provincial Apparel Chamber of Commerce Changshu Textile and Apparel Association District Junan Textile and Apparel Chamber of Commerce Foshan Nanhai District Textile Industry Association Guangdong Province Sewing Equipment Chamber of Commerce Guangdong Leather Bags and Circulation Association Guangdong Leather Association Guangzhou Trade Fair Import and Export Co., Ltd. Guangzhou Baiyun Fur Association Guangzhou Textile Industry Association Needle Car Branch Hainan Provincial Garment Association Henan Garment Association Hubei Garment Chamber of Commerce Liaoning Garment Association Meilaishun (International) Underwear City Ningbo Garment Industry Association Puning Liusha Chamber of Commerce Quanzhou Textile & Garment Chamber of Commerce Shanxi Garment Chamber of Commerce Xiqiao Textile & Garment Association Shenyang Apparel (Apparel) Industry Association Wenzhou Apparel Chamber of Commerce Women's Chapter China Textile Business Association Underwear and 杏鑫平台 Service Professional Committee Zhongshan Textile and Apparel Association Zhongshan Shaxi Textile and Apparel Association

Supporting media:
CCTV, Guangdong TV, Guangzhou TV, Guangdong Radio, Nanfang Daily, Yangcheng Evening News, Southern Metropolis Daily,
Macau Business Daily, Shenzhen Business Daily, Guangzhou Government News Center, Shenzhen Global Advertising, Guangdong News Network,, People's Network, Sina Weibo, Alibaba, Netease, Sohu, China News Agency,, China Import Commodities Network , "China Fashion News", "Clothing Business Daily", "Fashion Times", "foshionwind" "closeup", "Saale Clothing Channel",
China Underwear, China Textile News, Department Store Business, CECI Sisters, Fashion Beijing, China Textile Information, China Apparel, China Apparel, Apparel Daily, Brand Underwear, China Apparel Affiliate Network, China Beauty Network, etc.

Previous review

The last Guangzhou International Garment Festival 2013 exhibited a scale of 50,000 square meters. Through more than 380 professional media, mass media, Weibo, strategic partnership invitations led by the fashion channel of CCTV, department store business associations and provinces, cities and provinces The cooperation invitation of the City Garment Industry Association, professional buyers invite a team of 2 million expert buyers, database telephone, fax, email, text message and other comprehensive three-dimensional precise invitations, as well as intensive publicity before the exhibition such as subway, bus, television, 杏鑫平台papers Create the most influential Guangzhou International Fashion Festival in history.
The exhibition attracted 600 well-known international and domestic brands from 15 countries and regions to participate in the exhibition. 101,210 professionals attended the exhibition. The international brand hall, trend brand hall, creative dream workshop, fashion runway show, Lingnan Cultural Park became the exhibition. Theme highlights;
Guangzhou Mayor Chen Jianhua, together with the deputy mayor and the leaders of the Municipal Economic and Trade Commission, visited the exhibition site in person and toured the hall for an hour and a half, and encouraged exhibitors to focus on original design, environmental protection and innovation, and praised domestic and foreign brands for participating in the Guangzhou International Clothing Festival to explore the domestic market , And purchased 2 shirts online in the e-commerce area.

Scope of Exhibition: Focus on positioning professional exhibitions for global brand domestic sales, decline retail!
Men's wear, women's wear, sweaters and casual wear, professional wear, denim, fur wear, underwear home wear,
Maternity and baby clothes, wedding dresses, OEM / ODM / OBM, e-commerce,
Haute couture, original design, fur shoes and bags, fashion accessories, etc.

Concurrent Events Global Fashion Brands Colorful Fashion Show Dealers and Owners Exchange Conference E-commerce Spike Experience Event Original Design and Mrs. Chinatown Advanced Customs Exchange Meeting
2014/2015 spring and summer fashion trends release Chinese brand clothing design contest

main features:
Highlighting International: Gathering more than 1,000 mid- to high-end clothing and apparel brands in 20 countries and regions around the world, building the best bridge for global brands to settle in China, and making Guangzhou the world's fashion high-end brand gathering headquarters.
Professional positioning: Brand domestic sales professional exhibition, brand incubator and booster, to provide a precise docking platform for brand expansion agents and merchants to join, e-commerce transformation and upgrading, processing and design cooperation, etc., refusing retail.
Wear Cantonese Fashion: Attract global attention through various themed activities such as static displays, dynamic fashion shows, dealer conferences, buyer matching, etc., to create an Asian fashion capital, and to showcase the fashion charm of Guangzhou to the world.

Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. has always adhered to market-oriented since its establishment, and has continuously developed and innovated in laser applications such as laser cutting, engraving, and laser die. Now it has developed leading products laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser engraving machine. , Laser cutting machine, laser marking machine and other series of laser processing equipment, widely used in clothing, leather, advertising, craft gifts, plexiglass, electronics, electrical appliances, instruments, hardware, auto parts, apparel, wood industry, furniture manufacturing, models Manufacturing, plastics, tobacco, packaging and printing.

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