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Laser technology has unlimited creative possibilities in the field of smartphones and tablets

Release time: 2014.08.25 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

1.Laser sensing adds 3D holography to iPhone

Recently, Apple obtained a patent on 3D display. The basic principle of this technology is similar to a mirror box, which allows digital images to feel suspended in the box, and also supports users to use gestures to control 3D objects. 3D holographic display is not a new concept. As early as a few years ago, it was exposed that Apple plans to use the camera and various sensors on the iPhone to capture the 3D movement of users and the fuselage, and at the same time communicate with users on the device in a corresponding way. Interact and file a patent application for this. However, users in previous years did not pay much attention to this one, about its technical implementation and subsequent 杏鑫平台. Apple's 3D display technology uses a set of two UFO-shaped parabolic mirror boxes to project holographic images onto the screen. The user's operations and interactions are measured by the OFweek laser network test, which is built into the display device, using the laser to obtain the time and position of the gesture operation, and then hand it to the built-in processor to compile it into interactive data. In addition to Apple, there are other companies such as Microsoft, which also have similar technologies to Vermeer. Amazon also seems to have a smartphone with 3D display ready to launch, with the exposure time being recent. Apple's new technology registered this time is almost impossible to enter the next generation of mobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, this exposure may be because of feeling the pressure from competitors. More and more technology companies are challenging its technical authority, and Apple ’s absolute technical advantages have become less obvious in the past. Therefore, as soon as Amazon revealed new technology trends, it was impatient to release 杏鑫平台 to prove that its technology exists. In addition to this "careful eye" move, it is also an important reason for Apple's internal concerns in addition to consideration of marketing momentum.

2.Laser engraving adds new gameplay to Meizu MX4

Laser engraving is a process of laser processing that projects a high-energy laser beam onto the surface of a material and uses the thermal effect of the laser to produce a clear pattern on the surface of the material. Today, laser engraving technology has been applied to various industries. Recently, Meizu officially issued a physical invitation letter for the MX4 conference. The invitation letter for the Meizu MX4 conference is made of aluminum alloy, which is the same material used for the Meizu MX4. In the invitation letter, various processes such as frosting and drawing are deliberately performed during production and processing, and the texture is delicate and smooth. In addition, the front of the invitation contains the new Flyme4.0 interface information.

According to Meizu's official statement, Meizu has created a new invitation to play a new way: collect puzzles to win new Meizu products. Mystery machine is on the back of the physical invitation letter. Each piece of metal is carved with a unique two-dimensional code by laser. Scanning it can participate in puzzle activities, which is very convenient. Users who are following Meizu Wechat Public Account (meizuwechat) can win the puzzle of the day for free by participating in the game daily, or click on the game link shared by friends to collect different puzzles. Each set of puzzles can participate in the lottery and have the opportunity to win the dream gift. When there are ten sets of puzzles in the complete set, there is more chance to participate in the extraction of new Meizu products. In fact, this is not the first time that Meizu has used laser technology. The Meizu MX2 has used laser engraving technology. The LOGO is engraved on the second layer of the back cover. There is no need to worry about it being scratched. The delicate laser process design, It is unique in China. Subsequent Meizu products also basically continued the laser engraving logo process on OFweek Laser Online.

3.Laser autofocus adds unique charm to LG G3

The new flagship Android phone LG G3 has been officially launched in China this month. In addition to the current top-level hardware, the G3 continues to maintain substantial innovation in camera functions. The optical image stabilization performance of the LG G2 is enough to impress consumers. The LG G3 not only maintains optical image stabilization performance, but also implements laser focusing on mobile phones for the first time. It is extremely powerful. Let ’s analyze the 13 million pixels on the LG G3. How advanced is the camera. The laser focusing of the LG G3 works like the bat sonar system. When you enter the camera application, the G3 will emit a cone-shaped laser beam from a window on the same side as the camera. Then the mobile phone will judge the distance of the object according to the length of time the laser reflects back, and then focus. The G3 uses an infrared wavelength laser that cannot be directly detected by human eyes, but the LG G3 has a visible red light set in the laser focusing device. As long as the main camera is used to take pictures, there will be a weak red light flicker. Laser autofocus technology is currently used on the LG G3 for the first time. In fact, LG's research on lasers started with Hom-Bot vacuum robot vacuum cleaners, but this function could not be completed on the vacuum cleaner. LG ’s mobile phone team saw the opportunity to integrate technology and absorbed this laser function. LG claims that the G3 has the highest accuracy autofocus system and is the fastest mobile phone in the world. LG claims that this phone can work under the best conditions. Capture an image in less than a third of a second. LG compares the information generated by laser focusing with additional algorithms such as traditional autofocus and face detection. This hybrid focusing system will give priority to the most useful data: LG said that lasers are more helpful for nearby areas in low light conditions. The object is focused, and if the laser focus fails, the system will switch to the traditional focusing method. LG claims that the G3's autofocus time is 276 milliseconds, which is equivalent to only one blink. LG's camera interface uses a minimalist pragmatism style, except for the menu and exit keys, all other functions' keys are hidden. By default, click anywhere on the screen to complete the image focusing and shooting, and you can also call the virtual shutter button to achieve accurate shooting.

Of course, there are many applications of laser technology in the field of smart phones and tablet computers. Here, the editor just lists a few "interesting" ideas. With the rapid development of technology, consumer electronics has become an important field of laser cutting machines for laser applications. The upcoming laser cutting machine sapphire screen is a good example!

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