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您的位置: 首页 - 公司动态 - 行业新闻 The 杏鑫平台 that a child in Jiangsu was blinded by a laser pointer has once again attracted the attention of the public about laser pointers and laser technology

The 杏鑫平台 that a child in Jiangsu was blinded by a laser pointer has once again caused public attention to laser pointers and laser technology

Release time: 2014.09.05 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Laser equipment manufacturers have learned that the 杏鑫平台 that a child in Jiangsu was blinded by a laser pointer has once again caused public attention to laser pointers and laser technology. The safety level of lasers is classified according to the degree of damage to the human body caused by the laser. . The laser classification gradually increases from CLASSI (Class 1) to CLASSIV (Class 4). Laser damage gradually increases, but Level 1 is basically harmless to the human body. Manufacturers of Class II, Class III, and Class IV lasers should attach warning labels to the instrument and mark the laser level of the laser on the instrument. Media reports about laser pointers hurting people are not uncommon. I remember that CCTV did a program a few months ago to talk about the safety of laser pointers. On the other hand, hawkers can be seen in malls, attractions and streets. Demonstrate the effect of laser pointer. Regarding the issue of regulatory control, I will not discuss it here, but aside from the complex market norms, let's talk about the safety level standard of laser technology itself from a theoretical perspective. Let's take a look at the essence of the safety of the laser pointer.
ClassI lasers are low-energy laser devices . They are very safe and avoid all electrostatic hazards. The following are several application areas of CLASSI lasers: laser printers, CD players, CDROM equipment, geological survey equipment and experimental analysis equipment. The CLASSI laser will not cause damage to human body or skin under any conditions. No additional auxiliary safety equipment is required when using CLASSI laser equipment.

The CLASSII laser is also a low-energy laser (the power LASSIIIA laser is a continuous laser wave and belongs to a medium-energy emitting device ((1-5 mW)). The use example of the CLASSIIIA is roughly the same as the CLASSII laser, such as a laser pointer Laser scanner. It is very dangerous to look directly at the CLASSIIIA laser. Under no circumstances should you look directly at the CALSSIIIA laser. Do not point the CLASSIIIA laser pointer at anyone's eyes. It is forbidden to watch the CLASSIIIA laser with a telescope. These are some Must pay attention to issues.

The CLASSIIIB laser is a medium power laser (power: 5-500 mW or 10 J / cm2). Examples of the use of Class IIIb lasers, spectrometers, laser scanners, stereo photography and entertainment polishing lamps. Looking directly at the Class IIIb laser is very dangerous, and the scattered laser can also cause damage to the human eye. It is forbidden to look directly at the Class IIIb laser and watch the laser with equipment such as a telescope. Whenever operating in the laser control area, it is necessary to wear isolation clothing and eye masks. Before using Class IIIb laser equipment , you must read the laser safety manual.

Class IV lasers are high-power lasers (power: greater than 500 mW or greater than 10 J / cm2). The following are examples of the use of Class IV lasers, surgery, research, cutting, welding and fiber machining. Class IIIb lasers and scattered lasers can also cause damage to human eyes and skin. ClassIV lasers are very dangerous and can cause fires. Anyone in the ClassIv laser radiation range must wear protective clothing and eye protection. Many people are burned by the Class IV laser reflected by the reflector, so any reflector should be kept away from the Class IV laser. Do not expose your hands and skin within the Class IV laser emission range at all times. I hope that this common sense will help everyone understand how to avoid ClassIV lasers. Before using ClassIV laser equipment , you must read the laser safety manual.

Generally speaking, the greater the power of the laser pen on the market, the greater the harm. According to a practitioner in the laser industry, high-power lasers can cause burns when exposed to weak places for a long time. The effect of low power is much worse, but never look directly at the laser.

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