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China uses CNC laser cutting machine tools as technology companies to enter the laser field

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In August 2014, after two months of debugging and exploration of the cutting process, after undergoing various tests such as doubling efficiency and rigorous accuracy, the CNC laser cutting machine created by the Fourth House Hongyang Company has finally fulfilled its mission and successfully resolved Difficulties in machining a certain type of workpiece. With CNC laser cutting machine tools as the first stepping stone for technology companies to enter the laser field, extraordinary light and heat are destined to open a different life for the company.

Accurate positioning of high jumps

Laser technology originated in the early 1960s. Because laser precision forming does not require processing tools, and has fast processing speed, small surface deformation, and a wide range of processable materials, it has shown its advantages in the manufacturing field more and more, especially in laser welding and cutting. , And promoted the vigorous development of laser precision forming equipment manufacturing enterprises. From this point of view, entering the laser field will be the only way for manufacturers of smart products to be the main products. But in the domestic laser precision forming equipment market, metal processing (cutting and welding) accounts for more than 70% of the laser industry chain. Is it feasible to squeeze into a mature market and grab a cup? Is it worth it? Technology companies have their own concerns in the seemingly decisive decision. There have been previous reports that Cheng Fei uses a titanium alloy skin for a certain type of aircraft with a serrated cover. Titanium alloy skin has high strength and high temperature resistance, but it has not been widely used in the manufacture of fighters due to the difficulty of material processing and the difficulty of repairing tolerances. China has recently made a breakthrough in this technology . The processing speed of automated laser cutting machines is 60 times that of manual production. Can greatly improve production efficiency.

Although large-scale laser precision forming equipment basically occupies the domestic market in terms of low- and mid-end products, there is still much room for promising high-end markets. The National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Science and Technology have included laser precision forming equipment in the field of advanced manufacturing in the "Guide to Key Fields of High-Tech Industrialization for Priority Development" for industrialization promotion and priority development. The Fourth Academy is fully represented in the laser industry by acquiring Wuhan Ruike Fiber Laser Technology Company. A laser industry chain with fiber lasers and special fibers as the core and a series of high-end laser application rotors has been initially established. The company's "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" development plan adjusted industrial intelligent equipment as the main direction for the development of the civilian industry, and vigorously promoted the development of intelligent equipment, especially automated welding equipment. From the country to the industry to the group to the company level, from trends to policies to planning, it shows the benefits are good.

After weighing the two phases, one decided to make a sound: they must squeeze in! But at what level and how to enter, it is a technical task. Through in-depth market research, the company focused on products with strong economic applicability with a cutting power of more than 2000w and a cutting thickness of less than 6mm, and borrowed from China ’s successful experience in transforming manufacturing from manufacturing to service and focusing on both. The first-class laser component manufacturer and the company's brother unit, Ruike Company, equipped with the world-class German Beckhoff control system, began the product development road with technology integration as its main feature. At the same time, it developed the market from selling finished products to providing products and With production guidance and service expansion, a combination of software and hardware, to further expand the industrial chain. The high-end positioning enables the company to directly avoid repeated production and intensive competition in the low-end and mid-range markets, while holding hands first-class allows the company to get rid of the trouble of the core device research and development cycle, focus on product function implementation and performance integration, and start at a faster pace. Win at the starting line.

High-end high-power CNC laser cutter for processing titanium alloy parts with high hardness and complex configuration

Civil-military integration dances downwind

Blueprints are always beautiful, but the process of practice is not without twists and turns and sweat. After years of development, technology companies now have experience in the development of automatic welding equipment products such as various welding special machines, arc welding robot workstations, automated welding production lines, and certain marketing channels and technical experience accumulation. "System integration capability; the company also established the Hubei Provincial Key Laboratory in 2012, completed the construction of a 6KW high-power laser welding robot workstation, and has launched a series of laser welding process technology research, which has developed laser automation for technology companies Cutting and welding equipment laid a good technological foundation; nevertheless, when the project started, almost all of the laser laymen's combination still made the team initially difficult.

What will not do? There is no other way. Work in school, work in practice! Luo Hongyi, the project leader and deputy chief of the electromechanical profession, led the team to re-analyze and analyze the full elements of the CNC laser cutting machine . Through the thinking of analogy transplantation, the original structure and complicated products are simplified into a combination of core elements, with rich equipment manufacturing experience as the long board, and new methods are implemented through the exquisite combination of first-class components to achieve product customization and personality Into. If so, the division of labor among the team members is also clear. While everyone generally supplemented the laser knowledge, according to their professional expertise and ability division, they also focused on various issues such as body selection, electrical design, structural design, and system integration. "Let those with expertise do what they are good at." A "workable job". Luo Hongyi, the team leader who has operated for many years, not only has rich experience in manufacturing machinery and equipment, but also has a glorious tradition of "white plus black" and "six plus one" after moving to the civilian product front. Countless process tests, day-to-day fine-tuning, and the involvement of new projects such as the Huilin Pipeline, among other things, let alone the supply of 1,400 boxes of instant noodles.

After three months of sleepless sleep, the product finally took shape. The fiber laser cutting machine is composed of a gantry type machine tool body, a fiber laser, a laser cutting head, a control system, a pneumatic system, a water cooling and dust removal system, etc., which makes full use of system integration design technology, fiber laser cutting processing technology, machinery Key technologies such as precision transmission design technology, high-speed servo drive technology, and electrical automatic control technology, make full use of the "optical-mechanical" system integration capability, and can perform complex surface cutting of various materials (metal, non-metal), providing users with An efficient, high-quality, low-cost material cutting and processing method is provided. Compared with traditional CO2 lasers, YAG lasers, and other laser processing equipment as laser sources, fiber laser cutting machine tools have many outstanding advantages such as low operating costs, good beam quality, high processing efficiency, and convenient transmission methods. Keep improving and win

With the development of model production and development, more and more applications of stainless steel and titanium alloy structure sections and components, such components using laser cutting and laser welding have obvious technological advantages, laser processing equipment is important for model development Sexuality is increasingly apparent. In July, with hope and expectation, the CNC laser cutting machine successfully passed the factory review, entered the hands of the company's users, and began the first battle of the model. Debuting for the first time, it has made a name for itself with superior performance. Originally, one workpiece could be cut in half an hour by hand. I did not expect that with the power of a laser cutting machine , 60 pieces were cut in half an hour. The efficiency is doubled, and when it is sent to the welding room, it is found that the weld seam is more ideal than manual cutting.

If the first trial production allows developers to experience glory and dreams, the second trial production makes them feel responsibility and pressure. Seemingly simple right-angled triangular parts, after entering various data and parameters, can only cut out the right angles, which are always separated by 0.3 degrees from the 89.7 degrees required by the design. Laser cutting process parameters have many influencing factors and complex rules, which need to be explored and accumulated in the production practice for a long time. In addition to the quantifiable data such as focus position, auxiliary gas pressure, and cutting speed, there are many tricks that can only be understood and cannot be explained. For example, by listening to the cutting sound and watching the cutting sparks, determine whether the cutting process is healthy; observe the corner cutting The shape of the surface determines the focal position and the like. These process experience accumulated from actual operation is the core competitiveness of occupying the market.

There is nothing wrong with the model, but what is needed is nothing wrong. The close connection between product performance and user needs is exactly the value of civilian product development. After a brief tangling, the test was carried out for three days with a production technician and user at a high temperature of 38 ° C around 0.3 degrees. Aiming at the cutting of titanium alloy plate below 3mm, stainless steel plate below 4mm, and carbon steel plate below 10mm as the target, the parameter value matching test is carried out by orthogonal experiment method to ensure the accuracy and feasibility of the test on the premise of reducing the number of tests. Only by obtaining a large amount of cutting process parameter data on the experimental technology, and analyzing and processing these limited and discrete processing conditions and process parameter data, and establishing a laser cutting process database, can any processing within the effective range be automated Obtain the corresponding cutting process parameters, lay the foundation for the automation of laser cutting, and truly realize a turnkey project.

Kung fu is worthy of care, and the joint efforts of the military and civilians have finally found the root cause of the problem. Through adjustment and further exploration and compensation for the size, finally the titanium alloy skin that meets the welding requirements has been cut (titanium alloy skin has high strength) High temperature resistance, but because of the processing accuracy and tolerance of the skin is difficult to repair, it has not been widely used in fighter manufacturing.). At present, the fiber laser cutting equipment has been applied to the precise cutting of model products, and the blanking of multiple types of titanium alloy skins has been completed. The quality of the cuts is fine and the cutting precision is high. The success of the model also marked the successful transition of technology companies from manufacturers to comprehensive system solution providers. With this powerful jump on the starting line, they are confident to go further and better in the future laser exploration. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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