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Glass marking using this method generally uses more CO2 laser marking machines

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Glass is an amorphous body. The molten glass is rapidly cooled (undercooled), and each molecule forms glass because there is not enough time to form crystals. There are several ways to mark the glass with a laser.

Multiple laser irradiation

A single laser radiation was used to generate a mark with a clear outline on the glass surface. After a few days, the laser was extended to the vicinity of the original mark to form fragments. The radiation was used to heat the area adjacent to the marked area through heat conduction, thereby reducing secondary The possibility of rupture, this method is very effective for marking on soda lime glass and borosilicate glass. A single laser irradiation is more effective for marking on fused silica glass and quartz glass because the expansion coefficients of these two materials are very low.

Discrete point formation ring crack method

Use a series of circular cracks to form text, barcode, square or rectangular codes, and other shape code patterns. Generally, there are more CO2 laser marking machines using this method, and the CO2 laser marking machine sets a parameter for marking and marking on the glass and generates fewer cracks. Discrete points appear to form annular cracks. The glass undergoes low-density ring cracks through heating and cooling cycles. When the glass is heated, it expands and squeezes the surrounding materials. When the temperature rises to the softening point of the glass, the glass rapidly expands to form a dome of the low-density material protruding from the glass surface.

Crack-like surface crack method

The process of heating and cooling is used to change the affected glass surface. This method is not immediately visible, but it starts to generate a cabinet-shaped crack along the laser-marked area after a little pressure. This method can print clear marks on high-quality automotive glass, which requires purity to the surface.

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