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Laser weapons may change operational thinking in future wars

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers understand that in the analysis industry: Rou Kegang is derived from Taoist ideas in China. For more than 2000, mankind has dreamed of turning the weak light into a sharp sword to kill the enemy. In 214 BC, the ancient Roman fleet besieged the ancient Greek city of Syrah. At the time of life and death, Archimedes used the lens to focus the principle of concentrating energy and burned the ancient Roman fleet sailing ship. Although the authenticity of "Light War" is quite doubtful, after all, it is a portrayal of human dreams to control light energy, and it has become a scientist's persistent pursuit of optical weapons.

In the early 20th century, Einstein successfully explained the "wave-particle duality" of light, and with the in-depth study of optics, he put forward the "stimulated radiation" theory. After the unremitting efforts of scientists from Russia, the United States and other countries, the first ruby laser was born in the laboratory of Theodore Mayman, an American physicist, in 1960. The emergence of this product makes it possible to use laser beams to attack targets in a certain direction.

Because of its high energy, monochromaticity, coherence, and good directivity, lasers were quickly adopted by weapon manufacturers in various weapon systems, and proved their value in various wars. In the 1970s, lasers were used as guidance devices for guided bombs. The US "Gem Road" series of laser-guided bombs showed great power in the Vietnam War. According to statistics, from 1972 to 1973, the US Army ’s "Gem Road" bombs dropped by Hanoi and Haiphong hit a target rate of 48%. Previously, US bombs used by the US Army hit only 5%. Laser weapons brought subversion to the US military. The battlefield of sex changes.

In fact, a laser weapon is a directed energy weapon. According to different combat applications, it can be divided into two categories: tactical laser weapons and strategic laser weapons. Among them, tactical laser weapons use lasers as energy to directly kill and destroy enemy personnel, tanks and aircraft, like conventional weapons, with a strike distance of about 20km. The strategic laser weapon is more like a "big killer", which can attack intercontinental missiles thousands of miles away, as well as reconnaissance satellites and communication satellites in space. It can be said that high-based and high-energy laser weapons are ideal weapons to seize the advantages of space, so the major military powers of the world have spared no expense in research and development.

At present, in addition to the United States, countries in the world developing high-energy laser weapons include Russia, the United Kingdom, France, and Germany. Among them, the United States has the earliest development history and the highest technological level, and is a well-deserved "leader" in the field of laser weapons. After continuous research and development, the United States has made great progress in laser weapons, including low-energy laser weapons and high-energy laser weapons. Among them, low-energy laser weapons, such as "cylinder fish" laser blinding weapons, have long been equipped with troops and have shown their edge in the Gulf War.

The high-energy laser weapon deservedly became the "sale" of the US military. Space-based laser weapons are an important component of the United States' long-term global missile defense capabilities, which can destroy missiles and space satellites in the atmosphere on a global scale. Ground-based anti-satellite laser weapons mainly use high-energy lasers to destroy photoelectric sensing equipment on satellites. Airborne laser weapon is a theater defense laser weapon, mainly used to destroy theater ballistic missiles, low-orbit satellites and fighter aircraft. The mission of tactical high-energy laser weapons is to intercept short-range rockets, cruise missiles, anti-radiation missiles, and various aircraft. Among them, the more mature is the US tactical high-energy laser air defense weapon system of the "Sky Guard" of the United States. Successfully deployed in countries such as Israel. After long-term technical research and repeated tests, these weapon systems have proven their feasibility as high-energy laser attacks, and some have even been successfully deployed. Laser weapons may have significant applications

The main features of current high-energy laser weapons include: high directional gain, short system response time, and raising the threshold of nuclear war. For example, the use of high-energy laser weapons can be intercepted in the boosting stage of ballistic missiles, destroying opposing missiles at the speed of light with huge light energy in the boosting stage, and causing a nuclear warhead or a biochemical warhead to fall on the opponent's territory to achieve the maximum destruction effect.

But laser weapons have advantages and disadvantages. For example, in rainy or dusty weather, its combat effectiveness will be greatly reduced. From the perspective of the development of laser weapons in the United States, it mainly faces problems such as tortuous selection of high-energy laser weapons, multiple key technologies to be overcome, delayed development of R & D cost overruns, and the need to miniaturize laser weapons. The existence of these problems has also greatly limited the existence of these problems. The development of laser weapons has become a major obstacle to the deployment of laser weapons.

At present, the US Navy already has a lot of "killers", and the development of laser weapons is more for economic considerations. Installing a conventional missile interceptor on a ship will cost at least $ 1 million, and launching a traditional cannonball will also cost tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars. According to estimates, the power of high-energy solid-state laser weapons is about 30KW. Even if the power continues to increase, the cost of each launch is only a few dollars. From this point alone, we can see the huge application prospects of high-energy laser weapons.

It is foreseeable that laser weapons will have a profound impact on the future war pattern and tactical warfare! Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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