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Heli Laser's sheet metal workshop using laser processing technology

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Heli Laser uses laser processing technology in the sheet metal workshop. The processing steps for the parts processed in the sheet metal workshop are: product preliminary test, product processing trial production, and product batch production. In the product processing trial production steps, the customer should be communicated with in a timely manner, and after the corresponding processing evaluation is obtained, the batch production of the product should be carried out. The sheet metal workshop should communicate with customers in a timely manner to determine the content including the technical goals required by the product, the contract for technical confidentiality, the management of product patents, design plans and drawings, the treatment of related technologies and the specific deadlines for product delivery. And make the contract accordingly, clarify the technical authority and their respective rights. In the process of sheet metal workshop, the technical content of customers shall be kept confidential so that their products will not be damaged by infringement.

After receiving the commission of batch trial production or production, the technicians should process according to the standards required by the contract. To ensure the professional quality of the technical staff of the sheet metal workshop, the work should be completed in a fast work style to satisfy customers.

The technicians in the sheet metal workshop should be familiar with the characteristics of the laser processing equipment, understand the status of the laser processing equipment, and do a good job of equipment maintenance. The equipment is performed under the best conditions. During the laser processing , visual inspection should be performed in time, including macro Observation and microscopic observation, etc., and observe the cross-section shape of laser cutting, and make corresponding information records. In the laser generator, laser cutting area, computer control area, raw material loading area, finished material loading area and material conversion device working area in the laser processing center, the raw material loading area and finished product loading area need to be arranged Operated by technicians, other work areas can be controlled automatically by computer for automation. The traditional processing method in the sheet metal workshop is the process of shearing, blanking and bending. Among them, the blanking process requires a large number of molds, and the blanking in the sheet metal workshop has the characteristics of less cutting and no cutting, which is very important. In this way, when a product is processed, it usually needs to be equipped with dozens of sets, and some products may require hundreds of sets of molds. In time, the mold itself needs a certain design and manufacturing cycle, and the product also needs a certain trial production cycle, which causes a lot of time delay. From an economic perspective, with a large number of molds, the cost of the product is increased accordingly. , Resulting in waste of costs. Therefore, in the fiercely competitive environment of the entire market, a new processing method is urgently needed to replace it.

Based on the above reasons, laser processing technology has emerged in the sheet metal workshop. The biggest feature of laser processing technology is that it can be processed without molds. The use of laser processing blanking eliminates the use of a large number of molds, resulting in production time and product costs. Shortening and reducing, and better taking advantage in the market, are very conducive to the production of a variety of small batches of products, and the subsequent production of large batches of products.

Features and advantages of laser processing technology

The sheet metal workshop laser itself is a coherent light source with high brightness, accurate directivity, laser beam monochromaticity and parallelism, and its energy density is very high. When focused, the laser beam can generate high temperatures on the irradiated material. Under the action of tens of thousands of degrees of temperature, no matter how hard the material is, it will instantly melt and evaporate, and at the same time, a shock wave is generated to melt and remove the material. In the process of laser material processing, it is essentially caused by local heating and melting to form a vaporized material.

Sheet metal workshop laser processing technology can process parts that are difficult to achieve with traditional methods. For example, for large steel parts, many holes of different sizes need to be processed. This is not possible with traditional processing methods, and laser processing technology can achieve these requirements. Even if the same parts are processed , the laser processing technology is accurate. High sex and short time, so the product has strong market competitiveness.

Sheet metal workshop laser processing has strong flexibility in a two-dimensional plane. When using a laser cutting machine , the cutting head of the stationary cutting machine is in a moving state, which will not cause processing dead angles, which will increase the utilization of processing materials accordingly. Omitting the micro connection of the equipment makes the laser processing equipment more concise. The computer control system of the laser processing equipment is integrally controlled, and the corresponding processing can be performed without separately controlling the parts, setting the mold and designing the processing route. Therefore, the process preparation time of laser processing technology can be greatly reduced. Laser processing equipment has fast processing speed, shortening processing time and improving production efficiency. Laser processing technology in sheet metal workshop

Sheet metal workshop laser cutting adopts CO2 laser or YAC laser for two-dimensional and three-dimensional cutting processing, which has the characteristics of high cutting accuracy. The power of the laser source varies, ranging from 5W to 90kW. The laser cutting of sheet metal parts mainly uses a power laser of 100W ~ 1500W. When the output power of the laser source is less than 1500W, the laser source is in single-mode oscillation mode and can be cut with a width of 0.2mm. The power source is clean and flat after cutting; when the output power of the laser source is greater than 1500w, the laser source is multimode oscillation Mode, can cut 1mm width, but there will be a small amount of dirt after cutting with power.

Auxiliary gases are required for cutting thick plates. Auxiliary gases include air, oxygen, and nitrogen. Among them, nitrogen can prevent the oxidation of the cut surface during the cutting process. Oxygen is suitable for high-speed cutting of thick plates. Sheet metal workshop laser cutting can use CAD or CAM technology to provide processing information and processing parameters for processing workpiece models and lasers, which can quickly and accurately complete production and achieve automatic cutting. In particular, laser cutting requires heavy mold replacement, which can shorten the production preparation cycle and reduce production costs.

As a new process, the sheet metal workshop's laser processing technology is the product of modern scientific development. Laser cutting technology, laser welding technology, laser drilling technology and laser forming technology also need skilled manipulation in the production process of sheet metal turning. With the development of laser material processing technology, the production and processing of sheet metal workshops will inevitably achieve a degree of stability, reliability, efficiency and high automation. More laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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