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Heli laser engraving machine

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Heli laser engraving machine Yin carving Yang carving solution: cleaning the laser engraving machine bottom has protrusions, Yin carving, manifested as obvious unevenness at the horizontal and vertical intersection; Yang carving, there are protruding horizontal lines between the words and no words, The deeper the cleaning, the more obvious the phenomenon.
the reason:
1. The processing speed is a little too fast, and the response speed of the laser tube cannot keep up with the processing speed.
2. The laser control switch frequency of the laser engraving machine is too low, and the laser line segment is too long.
3. The blow air flow is not correct, causing the processing powder to stick and form a horizontal line protrusion.
4. The light path is deviated or the focal length is not correct, which produces scattered light beams and causes uneven bottoms.
5. The selection of focusing lenses is unreasonable. Short focal length lenses should be selected to improve the quality of the beam.
1. First check the optical path to ensure that the optical path is correct and produce a high-quality beam.
2. Reduce the processing speed and increase the frequency of the laser output switch to make it match.
3. Adjust the volume of blowing air to ensure no powder adhesion, try to use side blowing to avoid adhesion.
4. Select a short focal length lens. The focal length adjustment should consider the depth of processing.
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