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The finished product made with laser engraving and cutting machine is neat and beautiful.

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Bright and colorful clothing fabrics decorate fashion life. Today, in the pursuit of high-quality life, people know how to use technology to create a smart life. Applying laser engraving and cutting technology to fabrics has become a more common processing method. Currently, laser engraving and cutting machines are used to make fabrics. The laser engraving and cutting machine is used to make the cloth. The finished product is neat and beautiful. The price of the whole machine is low, but the work efficiency is relatively low. The dynamic large-format laser marking machine launched by Sangong Optoelectronics is applied very fast on fabrics, mainly because it uses dynamic 3D laser marking technology to enable large-format marking. The imported laser function is stable and can control the print depth at will. It can also be cut at the same time as the engraving is completed. The function is very powerful. Different machine configurations in the market vary in price. The so-called one-point price and one-point goods, a good machine must have its value. In the pursuit of efficiency, time is money, and it is an inevitable trend to use laser marking machines to make fabrics.
Laser marking machine alias laser marking machine , laser printer, laser symbol machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, metal laser marking machine , fiber laser marking machine , semiconductor laser marking machine , YAG laser marking Machine .
The following are the differences between the four major types of laser marking machines commonly used in the market:
One: CO2 laser marking machine . The current CO2 laser marking machines are usually selected imported CO2 radio frequency laser tubes, with a service life of up to 40,000 hours, and the fastest marking speed of this model can reach 7000mm / s. The CO2 laser marking machine is suitable for marking on most non-metallic materials, such as paper packaging, plastic products, leather cloth, glass ceramic porcelain and so on.
With the promotion of skills, Wuhan Sangong Optoelectronic Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. announced the 10w portable CO2 laser marking machine . The biggest feature of this machine is to break through the defects of the large size of the traditional CO2 laser marking machine , which can be easily integrated in various On the production line, although the equipment has been reduced in size, there is no loss of functionality at all.
Two: Semiconductor side pump laser marking machine . Semiconductor lasers are designed with integrated modules instead of the ytterbium lamps of the YAG laser marking machine , and then avoid the defects of frequent replacement of the ytterbium lamps. The modular planning means that this model has fewer faults and protects It is also more and more convenient. The quality of the optical mode of the semiconductor laser marking machine is very good, which is suitable for marking on various metals and non-metals, such as plastic, mobile phone keys, stainless steel, etc.
Three: Semiconductor end pump laser marking machine . Semiconductor end pump laser marking machine can be divided into three types according to the laser wavelength, 1024nm infrared laser marking machine , 532 green laser marking machine , ultraviolet laser marking machine . Green laser marking machines and UV laser marking machines are currently prevailing in the market.

Four: fiber laser marking machine . Fiber laser marking machine uses imported laser, equipped with high-speed galvanometer scanning system (marking speed ≥8000mm / s) and professional laser marking software. With the continuous decrease in the price of fiber lasers, fiber laser marking machines will be the mainstream in the future. Because the fiber laser uses a modular planning and integrated air-cooling device, the fiber laser marking machine is smaller than other laser marking machines . A few days ago, we launched a smaller portable laser marking machine , as long as the computer case is usually large. Compared with other lasers, fiber lasers have higher photoelectric conversion power and better beam quality, so the lines drawn by fiber laser marking machines are becoming more precise. Fiber laser marking machine is suitable for marking on all kinds of metal and non-metal materials.

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