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Iphone6 will be released in 2014, laser cutting equipment is expected to usher in rapid growth

Release time: 2014.09.12 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Apple's mobile phone has not launched a sapphire screen this time, the industry has long expected, because the current cost of sapphire is difficult to come down. Similarly, when a listed company acquires the assets of the sapphire industry, its price-earnings ratio cannot fall, and its popularity is like the repeat of the mobile game industry last year. What has made the market more concerned is that the performance promised by the asset side has continued to soar, and they have bet on the widespread use of sapphire on the screen.

The company is a manufacturing enterprise with laser application equipment as its main products. Its main products include low-power laser business, high-power laser business, PCB, LED, printing and plate-making industry equipment. Among them, the low-power laser business products mainly include laser marking machines , rate laser engraving machines , and rate laser cutting machines , which are mainly used in the consumer electronics industry; high-power laser business belongs to the sheet metal division, and its main products are high-power cutting and welding equipment. It is mainly used in the fields of heavy industry such as automobiles, high-speed rail, and nuclear energy; PCB equipment, LED equipment, and printing equipment are used in their respective industries. A closer look at consumer electronics, mainly looking at Apple's sapphire usage. The company's low-power laser equipment products, such as laser marking machines , laser welding machines , and laser cutting machines are mainly used in the consumer electronics industry.For example, the logo of the Apple iphone5S mobile phone uses the company's laser marking machine , and the internal structure welding of mobile phones is also used. Laser welding machine . In January 2014, Apple decided to use sapphire in new products. Because Apple has a benchmark position in the smartphone industry, it will drive other smartphone manufacturers to use sapphire. For reasons such as high sapphire hardness, laser cutting has become the main processing and cutting method. The company has accumulated 4-5 years of technology and experience in the field of LED chip sapphire substrate cutting equipment. In the future, these technologies and experiences can be transplanted to consumer electronics' sapphire laser cutting equipment.The iPhone 6 will be released in 2014.The company's low-power consumer electronics Equipment, especially laser cutting equipment, is expected to usher in rapid growth.

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