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The new version of the Hong Kong and Macao Permit has achieved a significant improvement in security and anti-counterfeiting compared with the old one.

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Laser cutting machine manufacturers learned: According to the unified deployment of the Ministry of Public Security, today's electronic travel permits for Hong Kong and Macao will be officially launched throughout the country. Digital passports and fingerprint information are stored in the Hong Kong and Macao Passes for electronic transactions, and certificate holders can use the port self-service inspection channels to achieve self-service customs clearance. It is understood that the new version of the Hong Kong and Macao Pass has achieved a significant improvement in security and anti-counterfeiting compared to the old one: the smart chip is embedded in the document, the new type of laser anti-counterfeit film is covered, and more than a dozen types of security anti-counterfeiting measures are adopted to enhance the security performance. Avoid using bends, scratches, water immersion, or exposure to high heat, strong light, or strong magnetic fields during the use of electronic passes between Hong Kong and Macau.

Laser anti-counterfeiting is also known as laser holographic anti-counterfeiting. Laser anti-counterfeiting technology includes three aspects: laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting, encrypted laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting and laser lithography anti-counterfeiting technology. Laser holography technology is a stereo photographic technology developed rapidly after the advent of lasers in the 1960s. The more mature laser holographic technology was introduced in the United States in the early 1980s, and introduced to China in the mid-1980s. In China, laser holography was first applied in the field of anti-counterfeiting in 1988.

The laser holographic technology is called the new printing technology of the 21st century by the international printing industry. The laser holographic anti-counterfeiting label is one of the series of laser-molded holograms produced by this technology. Laser hologram is a high-tech product combining technology and art. At present, it is mainly used for anti-counterfeiting trademarks of goods and anti-counterfeiting labels for important documents, ID cards, credit cards, passports, currency, etc. Some famous domestic and foreign products also use such trademarks. As the art OFweek laser screen decoration, development of three-dimensional photos and other holographic commodity packaging materials, laser holographic printing technology is also widely used.

Laser holographic material is a new high-tech material, which is widely used in packaging and anti-counterfeiting printing. The raw materials used in the laser holographic film are mainly PVC, PET, OPP, BOPP, etc. The varieties are laser aluminized film, laser transparent glazing film, laser bronzing paper, laser transfer paper and other series. The colors are gold, silver, red, blue, Green, black, etc. The laser holographic material combines the laser holographic image anti-counterfeiting technology with good anti-counterfeiting effect with printing decoration technology such as stamping and embossing, which makes the product increase the anti-counterfeiting performance while improving the decoration effect. In addition, laser holography technology is also combined with other technologies to produce high-tech products such as laser holography plus fluorescent anti-counterfeiting film, flexible transparent laser holographic anti-counterfeiting film, nuclear confidential anti-counterfeiting laser holographic film, etc., which has further improved the quality and anti-counterfeiting of laser holographic film effect.

Cat's eye is actually a more visual name for the effect of this convex lens. At first glance, it looks like a three-dimensional convex lens. In fact, this three-dimensional effect is completely displayed on flat paper. There is no convex feeling when you touch the cat's eye with your hand. This effect is used on product packaging, especially on product LOGO, which can immediately attract consumers ’eyes and make people memorable; and the effect of this metal lens on product outer packaging can greatly improve the packaging grade of the product . Therefore, once the technology was launched, it was immediately sought after by the vast number of merchants.

It seems that the process of producing this paper is similar to ordinary laser paper, and all need to go through the necessary processes such as plate making, coating, molding, slitting, compounding, and slitting. But the nuances are real, and a small cat's eye brings together many high-tech craftsmanship.

Laser holographic products have five characteristics: (1), very good light transmission, does not affect the appearance of the anti-counterfeit object, the laser holographic anti-counterfeit pattern on the security film can be clearly seen after changing the angle. (2) The laser holographic anti-counterfeiting information layer nanoparticles form a three-dimensional network and are embedded in the base film, which has good abrasion resistance. (3) The anti-counterfeiting film can be applied to one-time overall packaging, eliminating the trouble of pasting aluminum-plated labels by hand. It is suitable for anti-counterfeiting of the outer packaging of a variety of products, identity cards, passports, and other documents, securities, bills and other anti-counterfeiting objects. (4) The see-through laser holographic anti-counterfeiting film is simple, coated with nano-materials, has low cost, is suitable for large-scale production, and can easily identify authenticity. (5) The super security anti-counterfeiting logo. Its surface anti-counterfeiting film is composed of a milky white pattern per square centimeter (1 × 105 ~ 5 × 105) of breathable and water-permeable micropores on a colorless transparent substrate, instead of printing, Overprint.

The advantages are: ① Because the organic resin film with high refractive index is coated on the film base layer, this transparent laser holographic film can be directly used for plastic sealing and surface processing, expanding its application field. ② Because the high refractive index organic resin is cheaper than the inorganic medium, the material cost of the holographic film is greatly reduced, and the combination of the organic resin and the organic thin film substrate is stronger. ③ Because the high-refractive-index organic resin coated on the organic thin film is denser and flatter than the inorganic medium, it can effectively reduce the scattering of light and improve the reflection efficiency of the film. Therefore, the laser holographic pattern formed by this transparent security film is brighter, Clearer and easier for consumers to clearly identify. More laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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