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China's laser processing equipment market occupies the largest market share in the laser market. The fastest growing market share and the largest future market development space.

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China's laser technology research started at the same time as foreign countries, and was the high-tech field with the smallest technological gap at that time. At present, China's laser companies are mainly concentrated in Hubei, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Guangdong. At present, the four major laser industrial belts in Central China, the Pearl River Delta, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Bohai Rim have been formed. And sales of laser styling equipment and products. Among them, Wuhan, relying on the development advantages of the East Lake "Optical Valley" laser industry and the national independent innovation demonstration zone, its laser industry will grow rapidly.

From 2005 to 2009, the average annual growth rate of China's laser market reached 25.6%, and the market maintained rapid growth. In 2009, the domestic laser market still maintained a growth of 15.1%, surpassing 10 billion yuan, and became an emerging force in the global laser market.

China's laser market structure is mainly divided into laser processing equipment, optical communication devices and equipment, laser measurement equipment, lasers, laser medical equipment, and laser components. China's laser processing equipment market occupies the largest market share of the laser market, with the fastest development speed and the largest market development space in the future.

The laser industry in central China and Wuhan has more than 100 companies in Wuhan. Nearly 100,000 people are engaged in laser technology and industrialization, laser processing applications, and laser-related supporting industries. The "high concentration" of laser companies has attracted attention. Wuhan 'China Optics Valley' has a complete production, academic and research national base in the field of laser processing technology and industrialization. Including industrialization base, technology source innovation base-Wuhan Optoelectronics National Laboratory, and engineering innovation base- Laser Engineering National Engineering Research Center.

Laser Industry in the Yangtze River Delta Region

The Yangtze River Delta region is one of the main gathering areas for the laser industry in China. The laser industry chain has been improved, and there are a number of high-tech companies leading the development of the laser industry in the region. At present, the Yangtze River Delta laser industry is mainly distributed in Shanghai, Nanjing, Suzhou, Ningbo and other places. The laser equipment and production technology are at the top level in China.

Laser Industry in the Pearl River Delta Region

Laser companies in the Pearl River Delta region are mainly concentrated in Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Foshan and other places, adjacent to Hong Kong and Macao, developed shipping, and convenient exports, making the laser industry exports in the Pearl River Delta region account for more than 30% of the country's laser product exports.

Laser Industry in the Bohai Rim Region

The laser industry R & D strength in the Bohai Rim region is strong. A large number of IT and communications companies have gathered in the market represented by Beijing, and demand for laser products is strong. The more developed medical, mechanical, instrumentation and other behaviors have driven the regional laser industry to flourish. Laser companies in the Bohai Rim region are mainly concentrated in Beijing, Tianjin, Shenyang, Dalian and other cities.

The development trend of the domestic laser industry

From the perspective of industrial development trends, there are two main trends:

First, the Chinese laser industry adopts the basic mode of device manufacturing->; OEM->; system integration, which is developing in the direction of production scale, product specialization, and market globalization. The merger and reorganization of the laser industry is prevalent, and the situation of "big winners" in the laser industry will not change in the short term.

The second is that the development of China's laser industry will be more regionalized, and China's laser industry will be more concentrated in economically developed provinces and cities such as Hubei, Beijing, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Guangdong (including Shenzhen and Zhuhai Special Economic Zone). Sales will account for more than 90% of the total laser product market in the country, forming the four major laser industrial clusters in Central China, the Bohai Rim, the Yangtze River Delta, and the Pearl River Delta, with Wuhan as the mainstay. With the development advantages of the laser industry and the national independent innovation demonstration zone, the development of its laser industry will be relatively rapid. From the perspective of technological development trends, there are three main trends:

The first is the development of laser technology towards high power, high beam quality, high reliability, high intelligence and low cost.

The second is that laser research is moving toward the solid state. Semiconductor lasers, semiconductor pumped solid-state lasers, and fiber lasers have become the representative of laser development.

The third is: combining laser technology with other disciplines to continuously expand emerging application areas, such as laser chemistry, laser medical, etc., especially in precision and micromachining applications are the key application directions of laser processing , and they are further promoted in high precision processing applications. And applications, such as electronics, semiconductor, communications, optical storage, medical equipment, micro-machinery manufacturing, biology, environment and other industries. At the same time, the combination of laser technology with many emerging disciplines is closer to people's daily lives.

After 50 years of development, China's laser industry has achieved long-term progress and can be recognized on the international competition stage, but we should also clearly see that the gap between us and foreign countries should also be clear about the laser industry The development of the country is not only related to the economic benefits of the country, but also to the national defense strategy. We should develop and expand our laser industry from various aspects such as technology, industrial scale, and policy support, so that it can be used for our lives and society. Make a greater contribution to development.

Laser Product Market

According to incomplete statistics, there are currently more than 400 units engaged in laser technology research and laser application product development and production in China (excluding laser audio and video equipment production units). There are about 200 units of fixed-size products produced and sold throughout the year. Yujia, nearly 20,000 employees.

According to the "2001 National Laser Product Sales Statistics" conducted by the Laser Professional Branch of the China Optoelectronics Industry Association, as of June 2002, 200 companies in the laser industry (including 118 laser product manufacturers and 82 holographic product manufacturers) ) Statistics show (this data does not include laser audio and video equipment, laser communication engineering, laser bar code detection and laser secondary benefits such as laser medical income, etc.): the national laser product market sales in 2001 were 3.24 billion yuan (of which laser product sales The amount is 2.839 billion yuan, and the sales of holographic products is 401 million yuan), which is an increase of 65.6% and a net increase of 1.253 billion yuan from 1.911 billion yuan in 2000.

In 2001, China ’s export of laser products was greatly affected by the downturn in the world economy. The annual foreign exchange earnings of exports fell from US $ 40.455 million in 2000 to US $ 24.693 million, a decrease of 39%. The main export products are optical communication devices, laser processing equipment, laser medical equipment and various lasers.

It is predicted that the total sales of laser products (including holographic products) in China will reach 3.71 billion yuan in 2002. Among them, the sales market of laser processing equipment is still bullish. The sales of laser medical instruments have increased slightly compared to 2001. The sales of holographic anti-counterfeit products have remained roughly the same as in 2001, and the sales of holographic packaging materials will increase significantly. Optical communication devices are affected by overseas markets and are estimated to be roughly flat with sales in 2001. In 2001, the worldwide laser product market experienced a significant decline, from 8.8 billion US dollars in 2000 to 5.6 billion US dollars, which actually decreased by 36%. On the contrary, although the size of the laser product market in mainland China is not large, the technology The market demand for innovation is large, and the size of the laser product market has not been affected in recent years. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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