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Application of laser cutting in kitchenware industry

Release time: 2014.09.16 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

With the development and progress of social economy, people's requirements for daily necessities and appliances are getting higher and higher. It requires both a unique shape and versatile and durable functions. Traditional processing methods, such as cold punching, cold cutting, shearing, and punching, have high environmental pollution, many burrs, and subsequent processing time and labor, which can no longer meet the needs of customers and the market. As an industry closely related to people's daily life, the kitchenware industry has been constantly updated and rising in recent years. In the kitchenware processing industry, sheet metal panels are widely used in products such as range hoods, stoves, cooktop panels, and large commercial kitchenware. The traditional process requires a large number of molds, the design and manufacturing cycle takes a long time, the work efficiency is low, and the cost is high. The application of laser cutting in the kitchenware industry The application of laser cutting in the kitchenware industry The application of laser cutting in the kitchenware industry

In the fiercely competitive environment of the entire market, new processing methods and equipment are urgently needed to promote industrial development. As a domestic leader in the laser industry, FARLEY • LASERLAB is committed to developing advanced laser equipment and providing authoritative solutions for the kitchenware industry. FARLEY • LASERLAB DF3015Plus fiber laser cutting machine FARLEY • LASERLAB DF3015Plus CNC fiber laser cutting machine adopts gantry structure, high-strength aluminum alloy tensile beam as a whole, German professional CNC laser cutting system, precision linear guide and helical gear transmission system, the overall rigidity of the machine tool is good , Stable performance, stable operation, fast speed, high precision, high processing efficiency. Can quickly and well complete the single-material stainless steel blanking of any graphics, reducing labor costs, improving work efficiency, improving the yield of kitchen utensils, and reducing material loss. It can meet the cutting needs of various metal plates such as carbon steel and stainless steel. It is an ideal choice for medium and thin plate processing. DF3015Plus has the following advantages: ● Single-axis positioning speed of 80m / min and acceleration of 1.5G can solve the time-consuming problem of general processing methods; ● Dual AC servo motor synchronous drive system; ● BECKHOFF CNC system imported from Germany, with laser cutting special functions; ● High-precision reducer adopts high-precision grinding of helical gear racks to ensure the high quality and high precision of kitchen utensils; ● Simple and stylish appearance, centralized lubrication system and exhaust device, no harmful substances are discharged during operation; ● Quick and synchronous exchange work Platform to effectively improve work efficiency. DF3015Plus details appreciate DF3015Plus special fiber laser head electrical box air conditioner CNC system operating platform high precision grinding helical rack and pinion and precision linear guide rail table remote exchange system special laser protective glass can protect the waste trailer at the bottom of the eye and can be discharged in time Generated waste

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