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Laser TVs will compete with OLED TVs, which are widely regarded as "next-generation display technologies."

Release time: 2014.09.17 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:

Analysis of laser cutting machine manufacturers : "The emergence of laser display technology has truly shaken off the TV ’s dependence on the screen, broken the restrictions on the high cost of the screen, and realized a larger size, higher picture quality, more natural eye protection and more shocking sound effects. , Has become another display technology revolution in the history of television. "Recently, Hisense Electric General Manager Liu Hongxin said when evaluating laser TV. The implication is that laser TVs will be compared with OLED TVs, which are widely regarded as "the next-generation display technology." Are laser TVs eligible? According to the reporter's understanding, the current laser TV matches a passive, moderately gaining reflective screen, which can perfectly display the full HD picture quality, and is real and natural, and it will not be glare for a long time viewing. "Different from the traditional direct-view display of LCD LCD TVs, laser TVs do not heat up when watching, and there is no glare, even when viewed from a distance of one meter, and do not feel dizzy." Universal China Film ( Beijing) Chen Wenchen, assistant to the marketing director of the company, said that the color gamut is wider and the power consumption is only 20% to 30% of the same size LED LCD TV.

In addition, consumers only need to be less than 0.5 meters from the wall to project a display screen of 100 inches or more, allowing the large screen display to enter the 13 ~ 16 square meters living room from dream to reality. Its best viewing distance of about 4 meters, compared to other 85-inch large-screen TV viewing distance of more than 6 meters, but also more suitable for "small living room." The price is even more a "killer" for laser TVs now competing with OLED TVs or even large-screen 4K TVs. According to the introduction of laser equipment and laser cutting machine manufacturers , Hisense will launch a 100-inch laser TV that will sell for more than 60,000 yuan. It will lower the price of more than 100,000 yuan of laser TV in one fell swoop. Around 1/10. The reporter saw that the laser TV to be sold in hardware is composed of a laser host with a laser imaging light source, a 100-inch passive bionic large screen capable of resisting ambient light, and a complete set of 5.1 audio. Although it looks a bit like a home projector in appearance, because it uses an ultra-short focus lens, there is no need to hang it. It can be projected 100 inches (with a resolution of 1080P or higher) by placing it in a living room less than 0.5 meters from the wall. ) Above display screen.

In terms of software, the laser TV has a built-in VIDAA operating system, supports WiFi, and has all the functions of Hisense Smart TV, which can realize common functions such as live TV, network video, and game entertainment. "These configurations and functions separate the laser TV from the ordinary home theater." In response, Lu Jianbo, deputy secretary general of the China Electronics Chamber of Commerce, said that home projection is only suitable for viewing in dark environments, and laser TVs are not restricted by ambient light. , To meet the needs of users around the clock. At the same time, laser TVs are equipped with smart TV systems, rich in smart applications, and rich in entertainment functions such as watching TV, watching online video, and playing games. These traditional home projections cannot be achieved. More laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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