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Our company officially started ISO9001 certification in September

Release time: 2014.09.19 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
Heli Laser is a modern, wholly-owned enterprise that is committed to laser equipment , research, development, production, and sales of optical, mechanical, and electrical laser cutting machines , laser engraving machines , and laser marking machines . For better development and planning, our company started to start ISO90001 certification in September 2014. The efforts of all personnel in Heli Laser are expected to complete the ISO90001 certification by the end of this year.

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Features of ISO9001: 2008 Quality Management System Certification:

With the development of international trade and the problems in the implementation of standards, especially the proportion of the service industry in the world economy is becoming larger and larger, ISO / TC176 carried out the ISO9000 quality management standards in 1994 and 2000, respectively. Two comprehensive revisions. As this standard absorbs internationally advanced quality management concepts and adopts the quality philosophy of the PDCA cycle, it has strong practicality and guidance for both supply and demand sides of products and services. Therefore, once the standards came out, they were generally welcomed by all countries in the world. So far, more than 70 countries in the world have directly adopted or equivalently converted to corresponding national standards, and more than 50 countries have established quality system certification / registration institutions, forming a worldwide scope. Standards and certifications within the "hot". Hundreds of thousands of factories, enterprises, government agencies, service organizations and other types of organizations have adopted ISO9001 and obtained third-party certification. By the end of 2004, more than 130,000 units had passed ISO 9001 certification.

Benefits of ISO9001 certification:

By obtaining ISO9001 certification, the company can bring the following benefits:
- Emphasize the concept of taking the customer as the center, clarify that the company obtains and understands the customer's requirements through various means, determines the customer's requirements, meets the customer's requirements or even exceeds the customer's requirements through the operation of various processes in the system, and obtains through the measurement of customer satisfaction Customer satisfaction procedures to continuously improve the company's position in the customer's mind and enhance customer confidence;
- Clearly require the top management of the company to directly participate in the quality management system activities, formulate the quality policy and quality targets at all levels from the company level, and the top management shall determine the performance of the quality management system by timely obtaining the achievement of the quality goals, and directly participate in the regular management Management review grasps the overall status of the entire quality system, and takes timely measures for system deficiencies to ensure the adequacy of resources at the company level;
-Clarify the responsibilities, authority and interrelationships of personnel at various functions and levels, and clarify the competence requirements of various types of personnel in terms of education, training, skills and experience to ensure that they are competent and participate in the establishment of the entire quality system through full participation , Operation and maintenance activities to ensure the smooth operation of all aspects of the company;
- Clearly control all links that may produce substandard products, isolate and dispose of substandard products, and find out the root cause of substandard products through systematic data analysis, and prevent the occurrence of substandard products through corrective or preventive measures. Recurrence, thereby continuously reducing the bad quality costs incurred by the company, and continuously improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the quality management system through other continuous improvement activities, so as to achieve continuous reduction of company costs and continuous growth of profits;
- Through a single third-party registration audit instead of the cumbersome second-party factory audit, a third-party professional audit can find deeper problems in the company, and urge the company's personnel to follow the company's quality management system specifications through regular supervision and audit. To work
- Obtaining quality system certification is a stepping stone to obtain customer supporting qualifications and to enter the international market. It is also an important basis for enterprises to carry out supply chain management.

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