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Heli cloth laser cutting equipment is also constantly innovating to meet the requirements of leather cutting

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With the development of the leather market, leather products show diversified development, and cloth laser cutting equipment is constantly innovating to meet the requirements of leather cutting. Fabric laser cutting machine technology has always been loved by the majority of manufacturers in cutting leather materials. Laser cutting of cloth is more accurate and faster than traditional manual processing methods, so laser cutting machines are increasingly used in the leather industry.
Heli laser equipment 's non-metal cutting machine has made great achievements in cutting leather.

1. The competition in the leather product market is becoming increasingly fierce, and all manufacturers are working hard to improve the appearance and quality of their products in order to obtain a larger "cake". Dr. Guang is devoted to the research and development of laser cutting equipment. The non-metal laser cutting machine adopts DSP digital control technology and a large range of usable area, which realizes the manufacturer's large-scale leather cutting and engraving requirements, and provides convenience for manufacturers' production and processing.

2. Nowadays, the processing scale of leather manufacturers is constantly expanding and the market demand is increasing. Therefore, speeding up the production of leather products has become an urgent problem for leather manufacturers. The laser cutting machine for non-metallic cloth produced by Dr. Guang has two options: single laser head and dual laser head. Leather manufacturers can choose according to the scale of their own processing, which can truly meet customer needs.

3. The non-metallic cloth laser cutting machine also has front and rear feeding which can be made by imported linear system according to customer needs, and various special devices. In this way, customers can configure the corresponding devices according to the products they want to achieve the effect of "the right medicine."

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