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Foshan's laser industry is still in the early stages of developing laser technology into national development plans

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The laser cutting machine can be as thin as 25 mm; the on-board laser beam can charge the drone in the air; unmanned driving can be achieved by laser ... "The development of laser technology will have five major advantages in advanced manufacturing, communications, safety, energy, medical and health Field, have a profound impact. "

The leader of the innovation and entrepreneurship team that Foshan City has mainly introduced, Zhao Qingchun, a returnee doctor who has taken root in Foshan in the past two years, talked at the "Laser Technology and Industry Forum".

With "light processing", the level of equipment manufacturing can achieve a leap

"Today's major developed countries in the world have included laser technology in national development plans." Zhao Qingchun said that in the United States, laser cutting has replaced traditional punching, shearing, and plasma cutting with about 50% of the market share; In manufacturing and related parts manufacturing applications, laser welding and cutting reach 70%. "Inspection shows that compared with traditional welding methods, the collision resistance of laser-welded car bodies is increased by 30%, making driving safer."

The laser charm is endless, and 60% of the procedures of the well-known Apple mobile phone are also completed by laser processing .

"The application of laser technology has brought the transformation of the industry into the era of" optical processing ": precision, high efficiency, automation, and environmental protection." Zhao Qingchun said, while the development and application of semiconductor lasers, fiber lasers, ultra-short pulse fiber lasers and other laser technologies are being developed More and more fields show the technical superiority of traditional processing.

"The success of the United States, Germany, and Japan over the past few decades shows that the core element of industrial change is laser." Zhao Qingchun said that the State Council had proposed a national laser and photonics industry plan at the beginning of the year and planned to set up an industrial fund of 35 billion yuan. At present, Guangdong is vigorously developing the equipment industry on the west bank of the Pearl River Delta. Laser technology and its high-end equipment are the core of this.

In fact, whether it is the United States or Germany, advanced laser technology has been regarded as the core of the future equipment manufacturing industry. "Almost all manufacturing industries, with the addition of optical processing, can achieve a leap in the level of equipment manufacturing."

Without the development of the industrial chain, it is impossible to create a world-class enterprise

Zhao Qinghai's returnee team set up a high-poly laser company to settle in Foshan in the past two years. They have already owned a number of invention patents in the field of "high power, high brightness, high efficiency semiconductor laser and fiber laser light sources and their application in high-end laser processing equipment" Formed a series of semiconductor laser and fiber laser products for industrial processing, medical, printing, and formed a preliminary industrial chain of the enterprise.

"But Foshan's laser development is very weak." Zhao Qingchun said with regret: "Without the development of the surrounding industrial chain, it will not be possible to create world-class enterprises." And the goal of high-poly laser is to reach 5 ~ In 8 years, it has become the top laser company in the world.

There are no more than 30 laser companies in Foshan, mainly focusing on equipment and application research and development, with an output value of less than 1 billion and a direct impact on GDP not exceeding 10 billion. Looking at Foshan's pillar industries such as the optoelectronics industry, material processing industry, real estate industry, home appliance industry, clothing industry, automotive industry, and equipment manufacturing industry, Zhao Qingchun believes that the laser can directly affect the GDP of at least 175 billion yuan. At the same time, it is expected that in the emerging industries, it will bring Foshan a 200 billion GDP ecosystem. The development of laser in Foshan "has huge space."

However, to achieve the above goals, the construction of Foshan's laser industry chain must be accelerated. He further proposed that he hopes to build a "laser industry park" in Foshan led by high-concentration lasers, and made plans for this.

"Through the new 'political, financial, industrial, academic, and research application' model, we can integrate high-end resources in the laser field at home and abroad to achieve the integration of industrial direction, talents, capital and resources, and quickly and efficiently complete Foshan semiconductor lasers and fiber lasers in 3 to 5 years. And its high-end equipment industry chain construction, and form a mutually supportive and nourishing relationship within the system. "

"For the development of the laser industry, government guidance and support are indispensable." Zhao Qingchun said: "Our preliminary plan is that the total investment of the industrial park project is expected to be 500 million yuan, which can be completed through government guidance funds plus state support, project support and social capital. "

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