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3D laser cutting solution for robots is now undergoing a new wave of rapid development

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The 3D laser cutting solution for robots is currently hot, and the development of laser technology and robot technology has ushered in a new wave of rapid development. Compared with imported five-axis laser cutting machines , robotic 3D laser cutting solutions are more advantageous in terms of innovative technology, expanding applications, and reducing costs, and are gradually favored by more Chinese automation manufacturing companies.

In flexible production lines, robot 3D laser cutting solutions that are more widely used are more popular than traditional simplified automatic cutting platforms. In brief, there are two common working scenarios, one is the construction of car body 3D structure and body cover, which are achieved by stamping or drawing, which includes thermoformed parts. The other is the construction of tubular metal structures such as exhaust ducts and beams. In the power transfer process, the production of the main part is mainly through punching, followed by punching and trimming.

Thermoformed parts and tubular metal structures machined by five-axis laser cutting machines are too expensive to build and are almost affordable only by large joint ventures. The robot 3D laser cutting solution has not been widely accepted by the market for many reasons. Based on changes in market supply and demand, this article will discuss the development status and future prospects of the robot 3D laser cutting solution.

New opportunities in the automation industry

Under the new industrial situation, the product supply chain should meet the increasingly diverse and personalized needs. Affected by competition in the international market, Chinese companies need to quickly keep up with the speed of upgrading products and equipment on the market. The continuous emergence of new models is also the beginning of the automation industry, and the new generation of transportation naturally advocates new topics, personality, change and so on. Due to the low cost and flexibility of robotic 3D laser cutting solutions, it is rapidly emerging, replacing traditional laser cutting equipment in the past. From automation to the construction machinery industry, private cars, agricultural cars and electric cars. Safe and fast performance, more manufacturers are starting to use automation solutions in batch manufacturing to replace traditional mold manufacturing and stamping.

Traditional robotized laser cutting

Robotics is now widely used in the production of automated industrial equipment, but it is not popular in laser cutting for three reasons: 1. Robotics is more focused on low-precision equipment manufacturing in the automation industry, for example, spot welding, arc welding , Paint, conveying direction, but it has not been popularized in automated laser cutting, especially those that are small and precise parts processing. For example, cutting a small circle or ellipse with a diameter of 5mm or even 10mm is impossible for an ordinary robot to operate. 2. Efficiency. Ordinary robots have insufficient laser beam control capabilities. 3. Light-weight robots cannot meet the strict industrial standards of jitter-free and fine tracking.

Quality depends on comprehensive experience

High efficiency is the main reason why five-axis laser cutting machines occupy the laser cutting automation industry. Laser cutting product quality depends on the solution system and comprehensive experience. Some companies use ordinary robots for laser cutting, but they cause problems such as low overall efficiency and low product quality. It is understood that the first generation of comprehensive robots has high accuracy in basic systems and precision systems. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.

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