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Circulating water plays a key role in metal laser cutting machines

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Circulating water of metal laser cutting machine occasionally heats up too fast, and circulating water plays a key role in metal laser cutting machine .

1.The working light intensity of the metal laser cutting machine is too large

2. When the metal laser cutting machine operates, the ambient temperature around it is too high

3. The return flow of the cooling water outlet pipe is abnormal, resulting in insufficient water flow.

4. The inlet and outlet pipes of the pump are too dirty, and the water protection is blocked, which makes the water flow difficult.

5. The continuous working time of metal laser cutting machine is too long.

In the case of metal laser cutting machines , to improve their working capabilities, two aspects are needed. One is the laser power and the other is the cutting surface:

First, the laser power. That is, the output power of the laser cutting machine equipment. When each laser device is processing, there will be a laser power output. Increasing the laser cutting speed, the thickness of the processing material, etc. all need to increase the laser power to achieve. The application of the short focal length lens of the cutting machine equipment to become a long focal length lens makes the focus on the surface of the processed material and certain sublimation. Therefore, the increase of laser power is the choice of most people.

Second, the cutting surface. It is the abbreviation of the surface of the product processed by the laser cutting machine . In terms of the non-contact processing surface of the laser cutting machine , the surface treatment is performed by the addition of auxiliary gas, so that the traces on the cutting surface become smaller, from upper to lower Visible vertically, so adding additional tools is a way to improve the effect of the laser cutter .

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