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The application of laser engraving and cutting in the advertising industry is mainly divided into three working modes: reef engraving, cutting and engraving cutting.

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Advertisement is a kind of application explanatory text, and it is a main method for business enterprise to introduce consumers or service objects to Shangjing, report service content or entertainment programs. Laser is a kind of light. Like its electroluminescence in nature, laser light is generated by the transition of atoms (molecules or ions) and is caused by spontaneous radiation. How can these two seemingly incompatible things come together? But science is like this. In fact, laser technology has been deeply applied in the areas of light, sound, electricity and so on. However, the deepening of laser technology in the advertising industry has only developed in China in recent years.

Because laser technology is a product of the high-tech field, and advertising is an information product extended by the market, the organic combination of the two will definitely have a clear advertising effect. At present, the processing method of laser in advertising is embodied in carving and cutting; the main processing industries are the making of signage in advertising, the engraving and cutting of two-color plates, the cutting of plexiglass, and the cutting and engraving of wooden boards.

Laser is light, but it is obviously different from ordinary light. Laser only relies on spontaneous radiation for the first extremely short time. The subsequent process is completely determined by laser radiation. Therefore, the laser has a very pure color and almost no divergent directivity. Extremely high luminous intensity. The laser has high coherence, high intensity, and high directivity. After the laser is generated by the laser, it is transmitted by the mirror and irradiated to the workpiece through the focusing mirror. The workpiece (surface) is subjected to strong thermal energy and the temperature increases sharply. The point melts or vaporizes rapidly due to high temperature, and cooperates with the trajectory of the laser head to achieve the purpose of processing. Grinding after the laser is generated; less waste, flexible computer layout to reduce waste space; simple operation, general production companies have their own professional software developed.

Application of light engraving and cutting machine in advertising industry

The application of laser engraving and cutting in the advertising industry is mainly divided into three working modes: reef carving, cutting, engraving and cutting. So for each working mode, we have some differences in the operating process.

Sculpture. Carving is mainly performed on the surface of the object. We first process the graphics we need to sculpt in Photoshop and convert them to BMP format, and then open the graphics file in special engraving and cutting software (such as Yueming Laser's SmartCarve4). According to the material we are processing, we can set the appropriate parameters appropriately, and then click to run, the laser engraving machine will engraving according to the dot matrix effect generated by the graphic file. In the advertising industry, it is mainly applicable to the processing of materials such as wood boards, two-color boards, plexiglass, and colored paper.

Cutting. Cutting can be understood as the separation of the edges. For such processing purposes, we should first make the figure in the form of lines in CORELDRAw and AUTOCAD, and then save it in the corresponding PLT, DxF format. Open the cutting operation software to open the file. Set the parameters such as energy and speed according to the material we are processing and then run. After receiving the instruction from the computer, the laser cutting machine will automatically cut according to the flight path generated by the software. In the advertising industry, it is mainly applicable to the processing of wooden boards, two-color boards, plexiglass, colored paper and other materials, and the production of crystal characters and three-dimensional trademarks.

Carving cut. Engraving and cutting are mainly aimed at both graphic effects and model effects. We are advanced for this processing method. The steps of the engraving process, and then select "Edge Cutting" in the engraving and cutting software to achieve the purpose. In the advertising industry, it is mainly applicable to road signs, signs, signs, photo albums and other indicative signs and crafts. The development prospect of laser engraving and cutting machine in the advertising industry, the application of laser engraving and cutting in the advertising industry has only developed in recent years, so to adapt to the fast-growing advertising industry, its market potential is great. Of course, this is also an opportunity and a challenge for our laser equipment manufacturers. Increasing technical content, increasing the operating speed, improving the stability of the system, and improving the accuracy of processing are all factors that we should consider in the process of occupying the market.

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