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Alibaba listing detonates e-commerce laser companies.More and more companies expect to achieve marketing via the Internet

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In 2014, seeing how e-commerce players have fun with all walks of life, Ali went public in the United States, detonating the world's e-commerce business, and all walks of life began to taste this delicious egg "cake Yue". More and more companies expect to achieve marketing through the Internet, in addition to Some Internet gene companies are doing Internet marketing. Many traditional companies are getting more and more involved in Internet marketing. They are no longer satisfied with the Internet as a communication channel, but rather fully integrate Internet resources for network integrated marketing.
In the past two years, Xiaomi Leijun has been crazy about online marketing and has succeeded. In addition, the success of Huang Taiji and the success of 禇 Orange have even made those entrepreneurs who are advocating Internet marketing anxious. They also hope to achieve marketing breakthroughs through the Internet and create belongings. Own marketing miracle. Ren Lijun pointed out that Internet marketing has entered a very stable stage of development. The Internet is no longer a place to create marketing miracles. Internet marketing has its rules to follow. As long as the rules are followed, Internet marketing success is not difficult.
The words "not difficult" are told to all walks of life. The laser companies seem to be dormant. If this year's Ali is listed, can it wake up this sleeping "lion". People in the laser industry seem to be throbbing. It's always difficult to get started. Only by opening and persisting in finding ways and methods can you truly taste the amazing benefits of the "new gameplay". First, let's take a look at the 10 strategies that professionals should follow about online marketing:
1. Internet marketing must seize social hotspots or create social hotspots
Corporate marketing wants to seize social hotspots. From a certain perspective, it is more difficult than creating social hotspots. For example, the first lady Peng Liyuan did not wear your brand's clothing at all, such as President Xi did not enter your restaurant for consumption at all, such as "Daddy, Where Did You Go" did not enter your village to shoot at all, such as iphone6 is not useful To sapphire does not use your company's laser processing equipment, etc., many hot events are encountered and undesired.
Xi Da Da arrived at Qingfeng Baozipu. He was watching the kitchen before going to the line. When he took the meal, he was concerned about the safety of food ingredients. The waiter used the mobile phone to show President Xi pictures of the raw materials, so Xi was relieved. The problem, it can be seen that the general background of this incident is "the state regards food safety as a major strategic height of national economy and people's livelihood."
Internet marketing must be combined with a big background and a hotspot in order to erupt huge communication potential. The breaking point of Internet marketing is often the "pain point" of the whole people. Hidden behind the huge market demand, once it explodes, it will trigger a frantic market response. After three days of working in Qingfeng Baozipu, the queue was full of people, and you can see the background to find the right power. Then the laser industry has not come to iphone6 sapphire cutting, and there are many other topics for people to dig. Life society is a hot "excavator".

2.The core of online marketing is always people
Weibo and WeChat are always tools, and it is people who really activate these tools. President Xi has inadvertently become the brand spokesperson for Qingfeng Baozipu, but because Chairman Xi is greatly loved by the broad masses, he has inadvertently become the spokesperson for traditional Chinese snacks. This is the gospel of the traditional food industry in China. Xi ’s personal branding effect is far from being a company that has spent huge sums of money on inviting celebrity endorsers. In another case, Bian Shijian ’s orange is also a human success. People do n’t buy oranges, they buy inspirational. Similarly, today people go to the queue to buy Qingfeng buns. They also buy buns, which are safe for food. Faith and love for Xi.
Han's Laser is internationally renowned, and its success is largely due to the wisdom of its chairman, Gao Yunfeng. In 2000, Han's Laser was established for 4 years. It is in a period of ups and downs. Gao Yunfeng hired Wang Dazhen and Wang Zhijiang as the company's technology consultants and associate directors, respectively. Chief Engineer and Chief Engineer, the two members of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at the time, the then leader of the optical industry, and the joining of two "celebrities" not only introduced high-level strength in technology and management, but also attracted people from marketing. Trust gives people a more reliable marketing power.
The core of Internet marketing is always people. People believe in products because of people, and services because of people. Network communication tools cannot create value by themselves, and talent is the main body of value creation, so they cannot be reversed.

3. Internet marketing is not good without good products
Internet marketing often pushes brands and products to the forefront of the wave. Obviously, without good products as a guarantee, online marketing is basically futile. For example, after the success of Xiaomi's mobile phone, many people expected to achieve the same success of Xiaomi through imitation. Even the trainer also transformed into an Internet mobile phone. However, he saw the success of Xiaomi's mobile phone marketing but did not see Xiaomi's back for a year and a half. The success of the boring research and development. Quality is king. In the age of Internet marketing, it is very important. Good quality is upheld by people, and bad quality is "dispelled into the eighteenth layer of hell".
Good products are the cornerstone of all industries, and the top priority of all laser industries. Laser equipment is good or bad. You can't tolerate it. Sapphire is the hardest thing after diamond. Ordinary cutting machines are completely helpless, but laser cutting is its "sharp edge". Of course, not all laser cutting companies can get this award. Why is Han's laser "food source" on the sapphire industry chain better than other companies? Rich, very important reason is that Han's laser is not empty, it is actually the most reasonable artistic conception here. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

4. Internet marketing must introduce consumers to create value
Internet thinking is the key to the success of online marketing. The core idea of Internet thinking is to introduce consumers to create value, which is what we call the concept of C2B. The emergence of this concept has made Internet marketing more open and made value creation closer to the demand itself.
Traditional enterprise marketing is the concept of making products behind closed doors, which is pushed to consumers. The concept of products in the Internet era is "C2B", which means that consumers are involved in manufacturing concepts. Xi Da's order is "six pork scallion buns, one fried liver, one amaranth", which was named "Xi Da course" by netizens, with pictures and truth, and priced at 21 yuan. This package concept was not created by Qingfeng. It was created by Xi Da and netizens.
All products are most valuable only if they are applied in the hands of users. The same is true for laser processing equipment. Only those who use laser processing equipment really understand laser processing equipment and instruments. They know where the advantages of a laser cutting machine are. What deficiencies need to be improved in the work, only when these end customers are involved in the production of the equipment can the laser processing equipment be better, and the marketing of the laser equipment will naturally rise to the next level.
One of the true secrets of Xiaomi's success is to let netizens and fans participate in creating product content together, rather than the wishful thinking of enterprises. Only those created by netizens have vitality, and are advertisements that do not cost money.

5. A good experience in online marketing is more important than anything
What is experience marketing? Experience marketing refers to the use of companies to target customers to observe, listen, try, try, etc., so that they can personally experience the products or services provided by the company, allowing customers to actually perceive the quality or performance of the products or services, thereby promoting customer awareness and preferences And buy a marketing method. In this way, the goal is to meet the consumer's experience needs. With service products as the platform and tangible products as the carrier, it produces and manages high-quality products, bringing closer the distance between enterprises and consumers. Ren Lijun pointed out that experiential marketing is not about buying and selling. Its core point is intimate experience. Customers establish a strong brand emotion through experience and brand, and maintain marketing activities through brand emotion.
In an era of severe excess of product homogeneity, traditional companies must reshape the product experience, so that emotions are poured into every action of the consumer experience, and the brand is formed in the process of experience.
It is here to promote traditional companies to reshape the product experience and to pour into the moving experience. However, do emerging industries such as lasers do not need these subtle and highly concerned moves in it? Obviously, this is flawed. Regardless of whether it is a traditional enterprise or an emerging technology, in this era of online marketing taking precedence, in addition to doing their best to focus on technological innovation, laser companies must also pay attention to the user experience required by online marketing.

6.Online marketing should do continuous hot fermentation
Internet marketing is an ongoing process of continuous hot fermentation. This explosive spread of hot spots will eventually push brand marketing to a climax. Well-made online marketing will achieve sales by focusing on outbreaks, such as Xiaomi mobile phones, ocher oranges, etc. Products were sold out in a very short time. However, there are often marketers who ignore the continuous hot fermentation process in the early stage. In fact, whether the sales are smooth or not depends entirely on the early hot fermentation process. As far as the marketing of Citrus Orange is concerned, the huge amount of online marketing resources it uses, as well as a large amount of offline marketing communications, has made Cicheng marketing an unprecedented success.
The person in charge of Qingfeng Baozipu issued a statement for the first time, Xi Da absolutely did not arrange in advance, but the chairman's civilian meal; then, solemnly declared that Qingfeng buns will not rise in price. Both of these statements made headlines in major 杏鑫平台 media, allowing the hot spots of the whole time to be extended and sustained. Qingfeng Baozipu completely aroused the attention of the national market, and brand awareness and reputation skyrocketed overnight.
Although these are not artificially arranged, from this, laser companies can read the wisdom meaning: This makes all people who are laser companies realize that online marketing must build a "hot spot continuous chain" and let the events continue to ferment. The brand is climaxing. For example, before iphone6 did not use sapphire, which caused the stock of the sapphire industry chain to be frustrated, then this year sapphire was abandoned, next year? In addition to Apple, which other companies will choose sapphire, such as Samsung, LG or Huawei? So which laser company will get the big order, Han's Laser, Huazhong Technology or the "brick" embraced by an unknown laser company? These are the various attitudes of online marketing.

7. Network marketing should make the whole people entertain and create
The participation of netizens is an important part of online marketing, but as a marketer, we must do a good job of guiding the participation of netizens. Due to the entertaining characteristics of netizens, it is likely that a certain internet marketing event deviates from its original purpose and direction. In this regard, Durex's internet marketing is very well done. Its Weibo and WeChat marketing have greatly attracted the enthusiasm of Internet users to participate in entertainment, but it has well grasped the scale of its publicity, not only to express the expression of this unspeakable special product brand, but also to enrich Containing the spirit of entertainment, without looking tacky, it has become a classic in network marketing.
The spirit of the online world is "open, free, and equal". Netizens do not fear Xi Da's status, but integrate the progress of the country and nation into the "Chairman's Package." Expressed great expectations for the country's future.
Entertainment is the driving force for netizens to forward. The premise of entertainment is "creative subject matter". Internet marketing must be good at making big themes, not based on the company's own interests, but from the major concerns of all Internet users. "Manufacturing a big subject" is the key point. Only one topic is the point that everyone pays attention to, and it can break out. How to make a big subject for a laser company requires the attention of relevant people.

8. Internet marketing must have a background story
The most typical backstory is ocher orange. The reason why the orange is called inspirational orange is because of the bizarre twists and turns of the life story of the elderly. Who can guarantee that future stories about citrus orange will be brought to the screen? Marketing planning expert Ren Lijun pointed out that this story will definitely be brought to the screen, because the film script is hard for those film creators to think of. Internet marketing must have stories. Talents with stories are attractive. Brands with stories are good brands. Marketing with stories is classic marketing.
Backstory is often synonymous with value. A brand that cannot tell a good story has no tension. The development of a brand story is the spread of brand culture. Qingfeng Baozipu is a state-owned enterprise, and it is not much left in the traditional snack industry in contemporary China, which itself constitutes a kind of "scarcity". The older generations are full of emotion and trust in the products made by state-owned enterprises. They are like permanent bicycles. The quality is indeed permanent. There is a memory of national spirit.
"A brand that cannot tell a good story has no tension." A person who cannot tell a good story has no connotation. A laser company that cannot tell a story does not have enough accumulated enough information. Han's Laser With many stories, the entire enterprise has risen from a small workshop in 1996, and has been telling stories in person. Huang Yunfeng of Han's Laser has not stopped telling his own story. Every decision he makes is the plot of his story, and these stories Spreading on the Internet has become the cornerstone of Han's laser network marketing.

9.E-marketing should show participation in multiple roles
The most important feature of online marketing that is different from traditional marketing is that it is more like a serial drama than a rigid commercial. Such a series has the participation of multiple roles, usually including: the interpretation of the core plot; the followers of the Internet users contribute to the flames; friendship guest appearances by celebrities and celebrities; follow-up reports by the media, in-depth mining of events; interpretation of expert reviews; and many more.
For the participatory interpretation of this role of the laser company, it depends on how the laser company "releases", what the company boss is talking about, what the employee is emphasizing, what the employee is insisting on, what the customer is tangling, what is required, etc. .
The most taboo aspect of online marketing is single and weak participation. This kind of event transmission is isolated and has no effect. All marketing must sneak into the night in the quiet and quiet, which is a major test for corporate network marketing. It is also in stark contrast to traditional push ads.

10. Network marketing must quickly release value
Network marketing is a short and straightforward process. From the perspective of event marketing alone, companies must respond quickly, quickly transform marketing results into sales performance, and ensure that the value can be realized immediately. Due to the uniqueness of Internet marketing, the temperature goes up and down quickly, and the company must shoot quickly when the temperature reaches the boiling point, which translates into sales performance.
Internet marketing is often a gust of wind. Businesses must move fast. The world ’s martial arts must not be broken. The biggest feature of Internet marketing is "iterative thinking." Don't wait for everything to be perfect before you move. It is too late.
Digital marketing in the Internet era has many concepts and ideas that are different from traditional marketing. When trying to do network marketing, laser companies must have a deep understanding and grasp of these concepts and ideas, and use Internet thinking to do Internet marketing, so that Internet marketing can be guaranteed. Effectiveness. Ren Lijun, a marketing planning expert, pointed out that many marketers ignore the Internet thinking and use traditional marketing thinking to do Internet marketing. That is just a transfer of the marketing platform from offline to online, not real Internet marketing. Of course, the marketing effect will not Immediately.
Laser companies are still in the process of internet marketing. This is also a new way to transform and upgrade. Persist in learning to reduce their holdings. Laser companies will gradually use modern Internet technologies to grasp online marketing strategies and open up more and larger markets. Laser cutting machine , laser engraving machine , laser marking machine , laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd.!

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