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Components of a self-floating laser cutting head for metal laser cutting machines

Release time: 2014.10.10 News source: Laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser equipment brand manufacturer-Dongguan Heli Laser Equipment Co., Ltd. Browse times:
The components of the self-floating laser cutting head are: a nozzle, a focusing lens and an auto-focus follow-up system.

1) Nozzle: The choice of nozzle form and nozzle size has a great impact on cutting quality. Through in-depth research and repeated experiments, the company has obtained a series of best data, and can configure the best nozzle according to the customer's specific cutting requirements.

2) Focusing lens: The metal laser cutting machine uses the energy of the laser beam to cut. The original beam emitted by the laser must be focused by the lens to form a high energy density spot. According to Gaussian optics theory, the power density is highest at the focal point. The longer the focal length of the lens, the larger the focal spot and the lower the power density, but the larger the focal depth (focus depth refers to the distance between the two spots with a diameter variation of 5% on both sides of the focal point, which is also called the effective cutting range in cutting). Big. The effective range of a 5-inch lens is larger than a 3-inch lens. This is why the medium-telephoto lens is suitable for thick plate cutting, and requires less stability of the pitch of the tracking system, but requires high laser output power. On the contrary, the short-focus lens is only suitable for cutting thin plates below 3mm. The short-focus lens has strict requirements on the pitch stability of the tracking system, but it can greatly reduce the output power of the laser.

3) Autofocus follow-up system: The autofocus system of metal laser cutting machine is generally composed of a focus cutting head and an automatic height adjustment system. The cutting head consists of light guide focusing, water cooling, air blowing and mechanical adjustment. The height adjustment system is a closed-loop control system, which consists of four parts: position signal, signal processing conversion, logic control and motor drive. This system uses a capacitive sensor tracking system, also known as a non-contact tracking system, which has the advantages of fast response and precise control.

We all know that the products made by metal laser cutting machines are much smoother and finer than traditional cutting. So how to make the metal laser cutting machine reach the maximum production efficiency? Let me talk about it below.

1. Learn to set appropriate cutting procedures according to the product process requirements. In the daily production and processing process, we may cut different shapes of patterns, requiring different cutting processes. Our operators need to set the most appropriate cutting procedures according to different cutting processes, and have cut the most perfect craft products in the shortest time.

2. Under the premise of ensuring quality, make an optimal discharge plan. When we get the raw materials, we must first think of how to place them to reduce the cutting route. This avoids a lot of repeated cutting, and the efficiency naturally improves.

3. It can solve some small problems in the equipment. In our daily work, we must constantly learn and strengthen our understanding of all aspects of the machine. When you encounter a small problem, you can solve it as quickly as possible; if the device has a large problem, you must have your own insights to help solve the problem.

4, equipment maintenance and maintenance are also very important. Machines have a service life, and we can only work better for us if we treat it well. If we don't love it, it may not work willingly for us. More!
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