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Fabric laser cutting machine can cover so many industries such as home textile toys, embroidered trademarks, car interiors, etc.

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The cloth laser cutting machine can be used in so many industries such as home textile toys, embroidered trademarks, car interiors, etc., because its unique cutting function is loved by everyone. Its non-contact cutting does not hurt the material, does not deform, and has no variety of cutting patterns. Able to. Of course, its extensive application and development are also closely related to the global economic development. Today, the global population has grown to 7.1 billion. The huge base and the rapid and sustainable development of the economy have determined the hugeness of the industries such as home textiles, embroidery trademarks, and toy car interiors. Demand, and more advanced cutting and cutting processing methods are more competitive in the market.

The times are developing, human beings are improving, people ’s taste requirements are gradually increasing, and the higher the requirements for quality and product characteristics, the higher the demand for home textiles, embroidered trademarks, toys, automotive interiors, and other industries. If you still use traditional knife or electric scissors It is difficult to meet the requirements of modern consumers by processing these types of products. Global competition is fierce, and whoever runs ahead is the victory car. In order to change the status quo, we must find a breakthrough, get rid of the low efficiency, low quality and low technical content of traditional processing methods, and use new technologies, new methods, new processes to replace them. In the face of strong market demand, the laser industry The equipment should continue to research and upgrade and innovate, and create new business opportunities and new hopes for laser cutting machines for home textiles, embroidered trademarks and toy cars.

Fabric laser cutting machine advantages:

Compared with traditional electric shears and knife-cutting technologies, modern laser cutting and cutting machines have high processing accuracy, fast processing speed, user-friendly operation, automatic typesetting, material saving, pattern diversity, and automatic mechanization. The advantages have created new business opportunities and new hopes for the development of home textiles, embroidered trademarks, and toy car interior industries.

Due to the non-contact processing method of laser cutting and cutting machine and the strong focusing of imported focusing lenses, fine spot, strong focus, non-injury materials, good processing quality, because it is very suitable for cutting home textiles and various fiber materials machining. Its advantages are mainly shown in the large cutting processing area, smooth cut without threading, automatic hemming, no damage to the material, no deformation, and various patterns. You can design drawings and input at will through design software. Therefore, the traditional cutting methods in home textiles, embroidered trademarks, and toy car interiors have been gradually replaced. For many years, we have been involved in home textiles, embroidered trademarks, toy car interiors and other industries. According to these industries in recent years, we have continued in-depth research and innovation and have always occupied the forefront of the industry. Such as cutting, hollowing out, carving carving of various fabrics in the home textile industry, cutting, cutting and automatic positioning of cutting edges for stuffed toy materials in the toy industry, cutting of seat covers in automobile interiors, etc.

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