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Heli laser technology tells you how to check the laser machine

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First, the machine does not suddenly emit light during the cutting process

1.Check whether the water tank is alarming

A. For alarm, connect the water inlet and outlet of the water tank with a water pipe, and power on the water tank to see if the alarm occurs. If the alarm is reported, the water tank is broken. If it is not alarmed, the laser tube is not clear. Check whether the water tube is bent or pressed by something, and if there is any debris in the water tank (replace the pure water in the water tank).

B. No alarm, check if the laser power fan is turning. The laser power supply fan is turned, and the laser power supply is shorted with a wire.

2. If the laser tube emits light, the wire on the motion control card is loose, or the motion control card is broken (replace the board). No light, laser power is bad. (In rare cases, the laser tube is broken.) (Check whether the high-voltage end of the laser tube is ignited. It is easy to burn out the laser power supply and the electronic components of the board). The laser power fan does not turn on. Use an electric pen to test the laser power 220V port for power. There is electricity, and the laser power is bad. (Repair or replace the power supply); no power, check the laser power switch and wiring.

Second, the machine does not shine, the operator is not very familiar with the machine operation process.

To check the following aspects

1. Whether the laser power switch is on.

2. Whether the water tank is open.

3. Whether the power of the machine operation panel is correct. Or the computer software parameters are correct.

4. Whether the light path is normal. (Press the light to see if the laser tube is on, if the laser head is off, then there is a problem with the light path)
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